Sunday, September 28, 2014

Davie & The Ranches Magazine October Candidate Article

As many of you are aware, the problems that have faced Cooper City have demanded that the voice of the residents be heard and responded to. I have never wavered from my dedication to you, communicating about your issues and seeking solutions that are favorable.
The city budget has doubled from $25M to $50M in 7 years. I have objected to unnecessary spending, meanwhile insisting that the quality of services to our residents come first. I support reducing taxes to put more money in your pocket. The city must immediately address revenue wind-falls by reducing unnecessary spending. The city must spend less and ‘tighten their belt’ as us residents have had to do.

Now is not the time for inexperienced leadership. My experience in business and municipal government are directed to providing the best of services offered to our residents and business owners. The issues that seem to require diligence are; controlling speeding, obtaining compliance with our codes (not a heavy handed oppression), improving safety, further reduction of crime, demanding open and transparent government, along with my commitment to supporting what the residents desire. I will sponsor implementation of senior and fixed income fee and tax relief programs to enhance our seniors’ quality of life. 

I will continue to work to ensure that students that go to school here also live here, reducing overcrowding and future redistricting, and ensuring our schools remain safe and secure. I will continue to address the concerns of residents on a fixed income while meeting the needs of growing families, businesses and future development by sponsoring a Utilities Advisory Board charged with reviewing the Enterprise, including infrastructure, funding and budgeting.

The Nov. 4th election is of great importance to Cooper City. It is, and has always been my committed goal to represent all residents regardless of the district lines. This is an ‘At-Large’ vote, meaning anyone in the city can vote for me. It is responding to your emails, letters, and phone calls that have resulted in your confidence in me, and I wish continue to serve on your behalf with your support.

I will continue to work hard to support our residents and business owners, implementing additional programs and working directly with you to help make you successful, resolving your issues, and continuing to maintain the title of your ‘Go To’ Commissioner.

Thank you for your support. You can visit my website at

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