Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Municipal Officials Code of Ethics Ordinance - Cooper City

The final adopted Broward County Municipal Officials Code of Ethics Ordinance and a press release from the County have been released. This is long overdue, as it was your city commissioners and Mayor who would not support my (no less than) three attempts at implementing a local ethics law in our great city of Cooper City in the past 4 years. The Mayor and Commissioner’s stonewalled, avoided discussion, fought using personal attacks toward me and resorted to numerous ‘politricks’ to quash several attempts by me to have a code of ethics at the municipal level that would ensure the integrity of the actions of everyone, going beyond the County Ethics Code requirements. If you know of any improprieties and/or want to lodge a valid ethics complaint, visit the Inspector General’s website at http://www.broward.org/InspectorGeneral/Pages/Default.aspx

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cooper City’s 2012 Fiscal Year Budget - Just the Facts

My recent challenge to my fellow commissioners was “What’s the tough choice in 2011 that you’re going to make in order to make Cooper City better, more efficient and less costly to run?” As you witnessed in our recently approved budget, there were no solid initiatives by my fellow commissioners.

Since 2007 our surplus funds have decreased from 50% of budget to just over 15% next year, due to continued uncontrolled spending. Instead of addressing a city on the verge of bankruptcy in 2013 per a recent city manager’s report, and the auditor, your elected representatives ignored making tough choices in order to make this next fiscal year a priority to maintain basic essential services, reduce taxes, fees and assessments, and improve customer service. The millage increased from 5.0479 mils to 5.0526 mils, yet rather than maintain or reduce your tax burden, the commission has increased it...again.

While Cooper City’s nickname has become ‘the taxing champions’ due to the fact that the city raised your total taxes at a higher percentage than any other government agency, the commission majority have again demonstrated gross fiscal irresponsibility. In fact, taxes for the less expensive homes increased more than the others. This regressive taxation scheme, along with the increased taxable amount due to the increase of the SOH assessment, and the double digit increases in the fire assessment negated the decrease in the debt levy millage.

This increase was a slap in the face of residents who have paid taxes for many years to pay off the debt incurred over the past years due to fiscal irresponsibility under the current Mayor, who viewed this with a glance down the nose at those who are currently facing the ugly prospects of unemployment, rising food and gas prices and those on a fixed income to mention just a few.

Special assessments are growing exponentially. In 20 years, assessments levied by government have tripled, increasing over 170%. This is faster than population growth (25%), inflation (27%), and growth in total personal income (76%). Cities have increased non-ad valorem assessments eight-fold in ten years and Cooper City is currently leading this trend.

As an example, the fire assessment, which we are being sued for, increased over 25% annually over the last 3 years which has hurt our lower income residents more than the others. I believe the assessment was based on a fire study which was flawed and incorrect for many reasons, which I have proven and was ignored. At most, residents should be paying less than $100, yet some city businesses are facing a 270% to 365% increase! Fire assessment collections have gone from $600K to over $1.4M in just 5 years. Currently, BSO is costing us over 65% of our general fund revenues and in 7 years BSO increases will be at 100% of our current general fund revenues.

The Mayor objected to lobbyist fees which have saved the city multi-millions of dollars and will continue to do so in the future, yet won’t address our skyrocketing city attorney fees, yet she falsely accued me of unethical conduct based on a picture of me and the lobbyist at a football game. Guess what Mayor, I don't discuss business at football games, and even if I did, it would be quite alright. The commission has again ignored this uncontrolled increased expense (city attorney) and litigation costs due to long term personal and political relationships that were undisclosed by the Mayor...

It’s past time for the commission to address the issue of actually implementing real solutions in order to reduce costs. The likelihood is that your commission majority will continue to be fiscally irresponsible and support 'feel good' non-essential programs. This may change since 2012 is an election year. My take is that the majority will try every way possible to raise taxes again except telling the candid truth; that the waste franchise fees, fire tax and the huge increases in EMS transport charges are just excuses to raise revenues when the city should be doing everything possible to cut expenses and join the citizens in being more cost efficient.

If you are concerned about the city’s fiscal condition, please forward your concerns to me. I will ensure that the commission continues to hear your voice.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cooper City - The Taxing Champions of 2012; Mayor's Budget Article

Recently I received several emails and phone calls regarding the Mayor’s article in this month’s Davie & the Ranches (DRW) magazine (Attached). Sadly, the Mayor is being most disingenuous with the intended readers. The Mayor states, “As the economy continues to stagger and fami­lies strive to squeeze more mileage from every dollar, so too does the City continue to tighten the reins by reducing spending and implement­ing cost saving strategies.” I guess I must have missed that memo or the super secret staff meeting, as the facts very clearly tell another story...

The city now proposes to again increase fire assessment fees over 25%, increase EMS transport fees to 89% with no removal of the collections clause, and property taxes have gone up again under this Mayor’s ‘watch’.

The facts are very clear. In 2010 Cooper City’s General Fund budget was $28,778,798. The 2011-12 budget proposes an increase to $29,389,782. The 2009-10 Capital Expenditures were budgeted at $1,156,658, and in 2011 they are proposed at $1,479,900. The Expenses in 2009-10 were budgeted at $25,905,061, and in 2010-11 they are proposed at 26,308,673. On top of these increases, we have substantially increased attorney fees, and now at least two, and possibly more lawsuits that will cost us big money.

The city now proposes to:
+ Increase again the fire assessment fee over 25%,
+ Increase Emergency Medical transport fees 89% without removal of the strong collections clause for non-payment, although the city and staff say that they will not pursue collections (yeah right!).
+ Increase most of the other permit fees.
+ Increase Ad Valorem Property Taxes.
+ Increase business fire inspections fees. (They will pass up the prices to the business owner, and ultimately to the customer, some of which will pay well over 200% more)

In last year’s General Fund the budget was $28,778,798.
This year’s General Fund budget is projected to be $29,389,782,
An increase of + $610,984.

The Expenses last year were budgeted at $25,905,061,
and this year is projected at $26,308,673.
An Increase of + $403,612

The previous Capital Expenditures’ were projected at $1,156,658
This coming year’s Capital Expenditures are projected at $1,479,900
An increase of + $323,242

Maybe I just missed seeing the reduction in spending and the cost saving strategies, but these are the cold hard numbers. In fact, costs and expenses have been increasing under the Eisinger leadership model. (See the attached ‘Page from Mid-Year Budget Report.pdf file’) The 2012 proposed budget can be viewed here: http://www.coopercityfl.org/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={576852A5-BD98-472C-B9C6-A0C726D169C8}

A very clear $1,337,838 or nearly one and a half million dollar increase in a time where almost 50% of the homes in Broward County are ‘underwater’.

As most of you are aware your property assessment was also increased, and many, if not all taxes will increase. You do the math and if I am wrong you tell me.

This does not count the ever increasing cost of legal fees as a result of the unbridled city attorney and the current slate of lawsuits pending. Under this Mayor’s watch the cost of living in Cooper City continues to rise at what I would call an alarming rate.

The city recently had a presentation regarding the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for Cooper City. The results are not ‘pretty’. Below are some comments made by the Auditor and the City Manager. You can view my comments regarding our future financial obligations HERE and you can view the ‘CAFR’ HERE.

Grau & Assoc, Auditor - “The unrestricted Enterprise Fund Net Assets increased from $4.2M to $6.3M in profit to the Enterprise (Water & Sewer) due to a decrease in accrued interest. Next year it will be more. You have a lot of money in this fund.”
Re: General and Enterprise funds “You have two funds going in opposite directions here” (regarding revenues and expenses).
“Cooper City actually spent more than it took in”
“There are not enough revenues coming in to cover expenditures”
“Revenues increased”

Bruce Loucks, City Manager - “Our BSO Contract is increasing exponentially.”
“Our utilities debt is increasing, and we (the City) will be funding projects in lieu of debt”
“Hopefully we won’t have debt for the $3.5M pump station that the city will be funding”

So, Cooper City has proven that it has a history under the Mayor’s watch, as raising taxes and fees while the other government entities are decreasing them. Cooper City is the Taxing Champions AGAIN! AND, hitting the lower income folks hardest.

Regarding the Fire Assessment “fee’: to paraphrase Harry Truman…"If it is on your tax bill, looks like a tax, is collected like a tax and you pay it with the same check, it’s a tax."

This form of taxation is called regressive taxation, where you hit the lower income people by a higher percentage than those with higher incomes.

Tonight’s city commission meeting at 6 PM will tell exactly where the commission stands on protecting the future and financial security of our fixed income, low income, unemployed residents and struggling local business owners.

We already know their intent…spend more, raise taxes and assessments more, and hurt the fixed, low income, unemployed residents and local businesses of ‘Someplace Special’ while eliminating essential services in exchange for retaining ‘feel good’ programs. I’m not holding my breath…neither should you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2012 Cooper City Tax Increases...

Below are comments from the Cooper City Civic Group Blog regarding the proposed 2012 Cooper City tax increases…

- Bigger % increases on low income families than higher ones?
- Taxing champions --- AGAIN! When people are hurting? [Cooper City] Leads all Broward tax authorities in the tax increases for residents!
- Bad economics--- how are people to increase spending and job creation locally if the Cooper City government takes more of their squeezed incomes?

Hard to believe? Yet that is what 4 commission members [Jamie Curran, Jeff Green, Lisa Mallozzi and Mayor Debby Eisinger] and some on the staff [City Manager Bruce Loucks] seem to be supporting.

1. Their tax/fee package will result in those with lower valued homes paying a bigger % increase than those of us with higher valued homes.

A sample of 13 homes [Data obtained from the Broward Property Appraiser] shows the following % increases in Cooper City taxes…

Market value per Tax Appraiser % Cooper City % increase for all other
tax increase Broward governments

$100,000 to $199,999 6.9 (1.8)
$200,000 to $299,999 4.4 (2.1)
$300,000 plus 3.2 (3.1)

So, Cooper City is raising taxes and fees while the others [Broward County Governments] are decreasing them.

[Cooper City is the…] Taxing champions AGAIN! AND, hitting the lower income folks hardest!!!

Taxes include the normal property taxes and the fire assessment “fee”.

Regarding the Fire assessment “fee’, to paraphrase Harry Truman. "If it is on your tax bill, looks like a tax, is collected like a tax and you pay it with the same check, it’s a tax."
[Don’t be fooled by the politicians in City Hall, Mayor Eisinger, Lisa Mallozzi, Jamie Curran and Jeff Green, it’s still major a tax increase]

This form of taxation is called regressive taxation, where you hit the lower income people by a higher % than those with higher incomes.

I doubt that 5 % of Americans support this or believe it to be just and moral.2. Bad economic policy. It is a form of Cooper City economic de-stimulus.

We all know the hard times many of our people face. Governments taking more purchasing power out of the hands of consumers will decrease consumer spending and job creation. It will add its bit to our economic problems. You can count on a major fraction of the regressive tax increase resulting in lower local consumer spending, jobs and sales.

PLEASE FORWARD and come to the September 14th and September 26th Commission Budget Meeting and sign up to voice your objection to raising your taxes…AGAIN! If you don’t come and voice your opinion, the opinion of the majority on the commission will prevail…

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cooper City Burglary Alert

Homes were burglarized yesterday (8/29/11) between 10AM and 4PM while residents were out. Suspects entered rear windows and doors after knocking to see if anyone was home. The crimes occurred north of Stirling Road, between Pine Island & SW 118 Ave. Deputies are deployed in neighborhoods, but we need your help in order to make a difference and call 911 right away if a stranger knocks on your door asking for a fictitious person. Get a good description of the person and their car and call immediately!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cooper City, the 'Taxing Champions' of Broward

Please see THIS story which is a link to the Sun-Sentinel article . Part of the story is missing and some of the increases are not shown on your TRIM notice recently recieved by the Broard Property Appraiser. The city commission majority is going to raise taxes, but they are also raising other fees, the fire assessment fees (25+%) again, and EMS transport fees (89%) with the collections clause intact and BSO contract costs increasing another 5% (now at 65% of the budget). City Attorney fees have skyrocketed and continue to increase without even a second on my numerous motions to discuss the issue by any other commission member, not to mention the few recent lawsuits that now plague the city that will cost us millions, and with certainty, more to come…

With a country, state, county and city who’s unemployment is 11+%, foreclosures out of control, daily job loss at an all time high, the DOW down 15+% since July, taxes and fees at all levels of government increasing exponentially, seniors continuing to be starved on a fixed income, water rates that are skyrocketing, and no new solid or plausible proposals by the commission to decrease spending and costs outside of what I have proposed to decrease spending and taxes at the July 25th and July 26th budget meetings, we need another tax, fee and assessment increase like another major disaster. Cooper City has become known as the ‘Taxing Champions’ over the last few years under the Eisinger regime, and the non-essential services spending must stop NOW!

Please attend the ‘Special Meetings’ regarding the first and second public notice of the Budget, Special Assessments and increased Fees on September 14th and September 26th at 6 PM, City Hall, and object, no demand, and say NO to unnecessary ‘feel good’ program tax rate increases in Cooper City, who is already set to increase spending on non-essential services and who is set to implement continued increased spending on other unnecessary and discretionary costs. If you don’t show up and object, out-of control spending at Cooper City Hall will continue…at least until November 2012.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Davie/Cooper City New Red-Light Camera

Be careful when travelling westbound on Griffin Road at University Drive. There is a new Red-Light Camera there, just waiting for you to break the law...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cooper City sued over fire fee

Cooper City sued over fire fee

Lawsuit claims city erred in using money to pay for rescue service

By Susannah Bryan, Sun Sentinel
4:19 PM EDT, July 8, 2011

COOPER CIT -- A lawsuit filed last week contends city officials broke state law by collecting a fire fee from property owners and using it to pay for emergency medical services from 2006 through 2010.

The lawsuit, which is seeking class-action status, says homeowners and business owners who paid the fire fee during those years deserve a refund.

City Attorney David Wolpin referred to the lawsuit as frivolous and unfounded.

As originally written, the city code said the "fire-rescue assessment" would help cover the cost of emergency medical services. Despite the wording, Wolpin said, the city used the fire fee to pay for the cost of fire protection only.

Cooper City will likely seek to have the case dismissed, Wolpin said.
Still, Commissioner John Sims said he was not surprised by the lawsuit.

"The city screwed up," said Sims, who has publicly objected to the way the fire fee was calculated. "They're taxing people illegally."

The three plaintiffs — residents Walter and Barbara Jolliff and Brenda Kezar — are demanding a jury trial. They claim more than $15,000 in damages and are seeking to recover attorneys fees and costs.

Walter Jolliff said he was not sure how much the refund might be. "It's not chump change, I can tell you that," he said.

Residents currently pay a fire fee of $122.50. Business owners pay a higher fee based on square footage.

David Frankel, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, said he needs more information from the city to calculate what the refund might be.

In 2002, the Florida Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional for local governments to charge property owners a fire fee for emergency medical services.

Cooper City also failed to perform a study required to properly calculate the appropriate fire fee rate, the lawsuit says.

City Manager Bruce Loucks declined to say whether the city ever conducted such a study. "I can't talk about that because of the lawsuit," he said.

In July 2010, commissioners amended the code and deleted all references to the fire fee paying for rescue service.

Wolpin described the change as a "cleanup" amendment.

"What matters is not what you say but what you do," he said. "The wording ... does not really matter, because the money was only collected and spent on fire protection."

sbryan@tribune.com or 954-356-4554

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cooper City's Upcoming Budget Crisis

In Cooper City, there were over 450 foreclosures this year, yet Monterra is doing fine. What needs to happen to help reduce this travesty? This is one of many upcoming challenges for your Cooper City commission. What does your commission want to do in this upcoming fiscal year to improve our lifestyle and make ‘Someplace Special’ even more special? Do you know? What is it that we, the taxpayers, have a reasonable expectation as to what needs to be done in order to reduce our tax burden?

Given the problem, the Broward Property Appraiser’s assessment immediately increased our taxes by 2.7% under Save Our Homes. We don’t have a choice other than to pay it. However, the commission does have a choice when it comes to city taxes, levies and fees, along with the costs of doing business. Cooper City’s nickname has become ‘the taxing champions’ due to the fact that the city actually raised your taxes last year at a higher percentage than any other government agency.

As an example, the fire assessment previously increased 23% and subsequently 18% last year. Now there is a lawsuit about this issue that will cost you millions due to the ignorance and lack of due diligence by the city attorney. How much will the fire assessment be this year, another 18 to 25%? It would be ludicrous for the commission to even pass an assessment based on pending litigation knowing now that they didn't get it right, just as I predicted.

Is this the way our city commission should address loss of revenues and increased operating costs? A significant amount of residents have already had a tax increase of 2.7% as stated, and maybe more based recent comments by your city commissioners and the city’s financial trends that I have been monitoring.

One exorbitant expense is our attorneys’ fees, yet the commission has ignored this increased expense along with increased attorney's fees, litigation and magistrate costs, one reason being political relationships. More expenses upcoming; a Fire Assessment Class Action lawsuit has been filed as mentioned, and another potential lawsuit by the Chabad is looming, among others such as David Nall, the fellow who ran against Commissioner Mallozzi (who by the way was involved in wiretapping and a smear campaign against Nall) and was unnecessarily defamed by Mallozzi and Mayor Eisinger.

As of now, there are no numbers from the city manager regarding our finances or a run-rate analysis regarding our budget. Without that, it will be tough to make intelligent decisions regarding our 2012 budget, yet the commission just renewed his contract for 4 more years rather than annually as I suggested. Last year we were short $500K and still had to borrow $2M and, we still have $20M to play with per the CAFR. It’s time to address the issue of actually implementing solutions in order to reduce costs.

The upcoming budget will be a very challenging experience and it will test the commission as to where they are heading on these issues. Are they going to raise your taxes again? Our Budget Workshops on July 25th and 26th are at 6 PM. July 28th is the workshop to set millage rates, debt levy, adoption of initial assessment resolutions and set times and dates for public budget hearings, all at city hall. I doubt that 5 or 6 people show up to protest...

The decisions during this upcoming budget process are going to be difficult and will affect residents in an adverse way, and I am doing everything possible to avoid that on your behalf. It’s past time to address the issue of solutions in order to reduce costs, not continuing to promote unnecessary services while continuing to neglect and not improve core services. The likelihood is that your commission majority will raise taxes again because this isn’t an election year.

One reason I see that the economy is such a mess is that most career politicians care far more about keeping their political jobs than about helping you keep yours. My recent challenge to my fellow commissioners is “what’s the tough choice in 2011 that you’re going to make in order to make Cooper City better, more efficient and less costly to run?”

So far, there are no responses by anyone. The city faces immediate tough choices in order to make this next fiscal year a priority to increase services, reduce taxes and improve customer service. My first priority after public safety is creating local jobs. Jobs are created here in our city by local business owners, not in Tallahassee or in Washington. This is why we have reduced costs by the city to local business owners, so they can create more jobs.

On a final note, there are two candidates so far running for Mayor in 2012. Gary Laufenberg (who ran against me with Mayor Debby Eisinger's support) and Greg Ross, our City Magistrate. I'm sure there are more to come. Hopefully this city will make the right decision to place a mayor in the seat who will look out for your best interests, not those of themself and their political future.

To those of you that are concerned about what this commission wants to do regarding this upcoming budget process, please forward your concerns to me at johnsims@bellsouth.net or call me at 954-445-6997 and I will ensure the commission hears your voice...very clearly!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cooper City News and more...

I apologize for the late notice, but please be advised that Representative Martin Kiar, Evan Jenne and Senator Eleanor Sobel have reserved the City Hall Auditorium for a Town Hall Meeting to be held tonight Wednesday, June 8th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. They will be discussing this year’s Legislative Session and how it impacts our great city.

Also, there will be a June 21st Commission Meeting Agenda to confirm the scheduling of a Workshop – Topic: Fire Rescue Services, for Wednesday, July 20th at 3:00 p.m.

I will be attending the Nation¹s First Conference Designed to Facilitate Partnerships Between Private Sector Providers of Public Services and State and Local Governments to be held on June 24th. As Florida communities struggle to provide quality public services with ever-shrinking local government budgets, a newly formed Jacksonville-based research institute, led by senior executives and former local government officials, announced plans for a trend setting one-day Florida Privatization Conference - the first of its type in the nation. For the first time in Florida history, local government leaders will join private industry leaders to discuss the rapidly growing government services privatization movement.

Privatization, a system of contracting public services to private industry providers, is proving to be an essential tool for governments to help solve major fiscal and capital investment challenges. In 2011, virtually every government entity
Policymakers in every state, since 2008, have been faced with mounting budget deficits that require new approaches to delivering public services at lower costs. Prior to 2008, most state and local governments experienced robust revenue growth and steady increases in overall spending. Since 2008, declining economic conditions have forced governments to continually reduce their budgets, creating significant challenges and inabilities to meet basic service levels.

On June 24th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, at the epicenter of the nation¹s municipal financial storm, the Government Services Privatization Institute (GSPI) will launch the first in a series of regional U.S. local government privatization conferences designed to provide practical guidance, real-world case studies and best practices surrounding the budget balancing privatization of local government services. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Florida Power and Light’s new solar rebate program…Starting this year, FPL is offering rebates to customers who install photovoltaic (PV) and solar water heating systems in their homes and businesses. The solar rebate programs are part of a five-year pilot program authorized by the Florida Public Service Commission, to promote clean solar power and reduce energy consumption. FPL is authorized by the Florida Public Service Commission to spend a total of $15.5 million per year on these new solar rebate programs -- enough to support thousands of homes and hundreds of businesses. Act quickly as the registration starts June 21, and the rebates are expected to go quickly.

Residential Customers - Residential customers may receive a rebate of $1,000 for installing new solar water heating systems, and up to $20,000 for installing photovoltaic
(PV) system and interconnecting to FPL's grid.

Business Customers - Business customers may receive rebates up to $50,000 per site for installing a new solar water heating system and up to $50,000 per site for installing a PV system and interconnecting to FPL's grid.

For more information: http://www.fpl.com/landing/solar_rebate/index.shtml?cid=aliassolarrebates

Some residents have raised the issue of an invalid certificate when paying utility bills online. The reason you may receiving this particular error message is because the URL you entered does not match the site name assigned to the SSL the City purchased from VeriSign. The correct address you must use is https://www.utilities.coopercityfl.org If you have any questions please contact me at your convenience.

We have made some exciting new changes to the City website, which we think you may appreciate. The format has been updated to provide our residents with a website which has been organized to be more service-oriented.

We are still in the process of organizing web pages and sections to be more efficient for the user, and we appreciate any suggestions you may offer. We will also be adding a photo album of City events and replacing the banner’s stock images with some Cooper City images that we are sure you’ll recognize. Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look: www.coopercityfl.org

Also, it’s Hurricane Season! Make sure you are fully prepared. You can view the National hurricane Center’s website here: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ There is a ‘hurricane preparedness’ section that has lots of great information here: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/outreach/prepared_week.shtml

Our Parks and Recreation Director Ken Richardson submitted his resignation to be effective July 5th. We wish him luck and hope that he fully enjoys his new home in Ormond Beach!

My next Town Hall meeting is at 7 PM at City Hall on Monday, June 13, 2011. They are held monthly, on the second Monday of the month. We will be discussing the upcoming budget in addition to other issues that affect you.

Thank you and have a great week!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cooper City's Financial Status

Cooper City’s Financial Status

The city recently had a presentation regarding the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for Cooper City. The results are not ‘pretty’. Below are some comments made by the Auditor and the City Manager.
You can view my comments regarding our future financial obligations HERE and you can view the ‘CAFR’ HERE.

Grau & Assoc, Auditor - “The unrestricted Enterprise Fund Net Assets increased from $4.2M to $6.3M in profit to the Enterprise (Water & Sewer) due to a decrease in accrued interest. Next year it will be more. You have a lot of money in this fund.”

Re: General and Enterprise funds “You have two funds going in opposite directions here” (regarding revenues and expenses).

“Cooper City actually spent more than it took in”

“There are not enough revenues coming in to cover expenditures”

“Revenues increased”

Bruce Loucks, City Manager - “Our BSO Contract is increasing exponentially.”

“Our utilities debt is increasing, and we (the City) will be funding projects in lieu of debt”

“Hopefully we won’t have debt for the $3.5M pump station that the city will be funding”

Also, now on the Cooper City website: Bids!

See all bids and their status here:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011-12 Broward School Boundaries (Concurrency Service Areas) in Cooper City

February 24, 2011

This correspondence is transmitted to you within the 45 days required under section 8.9 (b) of the Interlocal Agreement for Public School Facility Planning.

Yesterday on February 23, 2011 the School Board of Broward County finalized all school boundary attendance zones (AKA Concurrency Service Areas) for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year reflecting no changes for next year.

The 2011-2012 school boundary attendance zones can be directly accessed from the Web links below:




For further information related to Broward County School Concurrency please contact Chris Akagbosu, Director, Growth Management at (754) 321-2160.

For questions concerning Broward County Public School attendance zones, please contact myself or School Boundaries Department staff.

Jill Young, Director
School Boundaries Department
Broward County Public Schools
(754) 321-2480

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your 'Go To' Commissioner in Cooper City

I’m working hard on continuing to be your ‘Go To’ commissioner in Cooper City.

Throughout my years as a resident and public servant, I’ve been actively involved in our community working with residents and local business owners to ensure that we maintain Cooper City as ‘Someplace Special’.

This office is not just about setting policy and implementing local laws; this office is about trust, integrity, open government, public safety, your money, creating local jobs, and a whole lot more.

We need to guarantee the future of our community for today, and a strengthened community for everyone in the future, with an improved quality of life for our children and our grandchildren, for years to come.

It’s all about protecting and preserving our quality of life. Thank you for your recent vote and your continued support.

I hope you will continue to support me, John Sims, as your ‘Go To’ commissioner in Cooper City.