Saturday, October 18, 2014

Repost from a Cooper City Resident regarding Campaign Sign Theft by the Opposition Candidate...

Walt Jolliff -- Recent events in the singular election contest in Cooper City has brought out the real nature of the challenger to Commissioner John Sims. The opponent and his supporters started their campaign of destruction and thievery by stealing campaign signs during the darkness of night, signs legally placed upon local property and on business locations provided to the Sims campaign. 

 Such behavior is more like that of adolescent youngsters and it is totally unacceptable for adults who seek to govern our city. The fact that destruction and thievery of political signs not only reflects upon the character of the perpetrators and the candidate they support but is a slap in the face of the residents who regardless of their political view support the freedom of speech which allows all of us to express our view openly and without concern or fear of the stealth of vandalism during the night upon our property or the property of others. 

 The financial impact of these nefarious activities has now reached the point of constituting theft at the level of Grand Theft, that’s right grand theft. Hundreds of dollars in signs, lumber and manpower paid for by well intentioned residents in support of their candidate of choice has been tarnished by the childish acts of adults thinking that this is the political process of disapproval that we in Cooper City condone. 

Can there be any excuse for such behavior? This is not the mischievous behavior of youngsters, this is the conduct of a person or persons who seek to advocate their choice of candidate to govern our community by theft of the expression of others in their choice. 

I think it is time to call upon the decent law abiding residents of Cooper City to show their disapproval of this disgusting and illegal conduct by doing what all law abiding people do in our country. Express your disgust with this nefarious conduct and use your belief in the manner that all good citizens believe in. 

It is up to you to decide what type of persons you want in your local community government. One which operates during the darkness of night by destruction and thievery or one that which conducts its self openly during the light of day. It’s up to you to make the call.

 Exercise your precious right to elect the person you think can do the best on your behalf by your VOTE on Nov. 4th. I am casting my vote for John Sims.

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