Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Response to the 'Salem Trial'...

It is unfortunate that my colleagues have spent their time seeking to prevent me from the  exercising  my 1st amendment rights. My comments are reflective of my views of  the continued highly questionable activities of this commission. I have been elected  by the voters in Cooper City three consecutive times, because  they have come to rely upon me to speak the truth no matter what the consequences may be. Whether it offends some or not, the truth must come first. I fully stand by my comments...

Friday, December 25, 2015

Cooper City Resident Speaks Out About Mayor's Corruption!


I look forward to reading your analysis. Hey! You didn't speak to any local activists!  

Our mayor is going too far. Greg Ross seems to be the one aggressively pushing this Resolution. While I understand his concern about the letter Sims sent to the Judge, the breadth of the proposed Resolution is very disturbing. There are very serious allegations set out yet there is no clear procedure about submitting any sort of evidence backing up the allegations. The word "illegal" is even used. Is the plan by Ross to go in, the city attorney reads the resolution, someone moves to vote on the resolution, and after a member's second they proceed to vote? Commission members do not have to speak. They can vote on this w/o any real discussion. This has all the makings of a drumbeat court martial to be followed by an execution.  

Our mayor is supposed to be an experienced Florida attorney. Someone who appears before local state courts in civil and criminal matters. Yet none of the rules or procedures related to this "special meeting" seem clear. It is not even clear why Mayor Ross felt the urgent need to bring forward such a highly unusual matter.  

I wrote the mayor for information on the planned procedures & received no response. The Resolution has the appearance of a not very well thought out tantrum. Yet, because due process, notice, minutes, etc., seem to be of only marginal interest to many of those in Cooper City government, it looks like the plan is to just barrel ahead. Why not? That's the way things are done in Cooper City.  

There is a background to all of this going way back. Back to Greg Ross before he was mayor coming into meetings to criticize Sims. Back to about the very first thing Ross did when elected mayor- when he pushed an expedited agenda item to de facto censure Sims for a Sims Facebook posting criticizing Obama. Ross got away with that, his city attorney saying and doing nothing. The latter saying nothing despite a written city policy seeming to direct "hands off" on a commission member's off the dais political speech. The city got away with it in a well-established local procedure. Anything troublesome, anything possibly an impediment? Just ignore it.  And so it has gone since that first Ross move in 12/2012.  

In the last two months the majority of the commission under Ross' leadership have, in my view, taken steps towards ripping up the City's Charter. They are making changes that affect the City's most important appointive board w/o allowing residents to vote on those changes in a referendum. It has been outrageous and insulting, and it has been backed at every step by the day to day city attorney.  It is clearly the case the majority of the commission wants to exercise control over the city's Charter Review Board, and nothing is going to stop that. Even when legal opinions and analysis had no references or citations to legal authority, it did not matter. Even when a commission member made inaccurate assertions about receiving a "second opinion" from the AG on a vital question, it did not matter. Even when it meant setting aside or ignoring well-established precedent, it did not matter.  

The local political situation is that nothing gets in the way of our commission's majority. They are increasingly authoritarian and as indicated by this new Resolution, completely out of control. They are far too free from any effective oversight, and their insensitivity to the will of the people is clearly reaching critical mass.  

In my opinion Sims' perception is the city has no respect for any law or rules that impede its desires. Sims obviously believes the day to day city attorney is a mere "yes man" for whatever the majority (his paymasters) orders him to do. That is what John Sims believes. I am not defending Sims' letter. But in my opinion Commissioner Sims' actions and intent can only be understood and analyzed within the context of why he so distrusts the day to day city attorney and the majority of his colleagues. 

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech is not perfect...

The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech is not perfect. It allows truths to be told and it allows lies to run rampant. It does not have the ability, in and of itself, to determine what is correct and what is incorrect. Rather, this imperfect amendment, with no safeguards as to veracity, allows the listener to make their own decision, allows the teller to put his foot in his mouth and allows those with various opinions to have various takes of what was said and what they heard. Anything short of this imperfect amendment would show just how perfect this amendment is. - Jamie Benjamin

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cooper City Mayor Greg Ross Censures Commissioner for exposing Fraud & Corruption

Mayor & commissioners censure commissioner for telling the truth! Corruption rules in  and so does lies, deceit, fraud and political corruption (In my humble opinion)
READ The Letter to the Judge regarding lies and a FRAUD ON THE COURT by Cooper City Attorney and Mayor ('ambulance chaser'/defense attorney Greg Ross) regarding the MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CLASS ACTION lawsuit that Mayor Greg Ross touted as "FRIVOLOUS"...another lie to the constituency (Yes, the 4th DCA approved the class) Now the citizens of #CooperCity will pay hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for the FRAUD and LIES by #JamesCurran, #GregRoss#, #LisaMallozzi, #JeffGreen...and #DavidWolpin