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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

THANK YOU for your support Cooper City!

Thank you for your support Cooper City!
By Commissioner John Sims 

Let me begin by saying THANK YOU to all of the residents and business owners of Cooper City who have supported me for the last twelve plus years! I especially want to thank all of my supporters and the voters who have trusted in me, becoming close friends and neighbors and for allowing me the great opportunity to fill this leadership role for the past twelve years and for standing by me especially through all of the trials, tribulations and successes. I also want to profusely thank all of my closest friends who are too many to mention here along with my wife Janet and my family members for the support and mentorship that they have provided to me over the years. It’s been a fun, and rough ride but worth every second of it!
I am especially proud to have been associated with some of the pillars of our community, the late Gladys Wilson and Walt Jolliff, and many, many others who have stood by my side on the residents’ behalf. They were great mentors and professionals and cared very deeply for our community. I cherish the lasting friendships that I have made both with the residents and with the city’s vendors, and let’s not forget other local elected officials, both currently elected and soon to be elected, many of whom I revere and look forward to for their continued leadership.
Over my tenure on the dais, I have sponsored and supported hundreds of initiatives and local laws that have only supported our residents and business owners. I remember everyone whom I’ve met and everything that I wanted to mention for this article, but unfortunately space doesn’t allow that. I certainly have enjoyed working with so many residents over the years, all of whom have helped me in campaigning, creating literature, websites, blogs, social media pages and supporting me financially. My gratitude and love for all of you will forever be a part of my life, and I will never, ever forget your generosity and dedication! Thank you for your belief in me and your friendship.
We've been involved in some outstanding projects together! I'll always cherish our Senior out-reach program and its extraordinary success.  The drastic increases in feel good spending and tax increases in Cooper City has been a vast financial burden to everyone, especially business owners and fixed income residents. Also, the degradation of truth and the extreme partisan politics in a non-partisan environment in Cooper City politics has produced so much division within our small community. Some in Cooper City politics have even eviscerated the policies and procedures originally designed to protect everyone; minorities, seniors and kids among other vulnerable groups of residents. This must cease immediately and we must move forward and unite together for the betterment of our entire community. But, we can all work hard, hope and pray that tomorrow will be a better day for Cooper City residents and businesses.
As such, I offer a strong apology to my friends, my colleagues on the dais both past and present, the residents and others that I may have offended over the years with my ultra-strong personality and strong stance on certain political and personal issues. I’ve always stood my ground on behalf of the residents, and I’ve certainly said things over the past twelve years that I regret, and I think it’s worthwhile for me to step up and say that I have made mistakes, or that I wish I would have done this or that differently, but what has happened in the past was meant to be.  We have all done things we regret and the lessons learned will be forever engrained in my soul, but I would never change the past for anything.
As I leave the Cooper City dais, I feel like our elected officials have not yet completely lost the war on truth, honesty, camaraderie and doing what’s right on behalf of the residents. It’s never been about right or left with me, it’s always been about right and wrong! In today’s society it's all too easy to lose sight of the most important element in any organization – the person, the people. Us. You and me, as individuals with hearts, minds, and feelings. My future hopes and wishes for Cooper City are simply this: I implore our elected representatives to ignore their personal agendas and always do what is right for the residents of our great city in addition to listening more and paying attention to the residents!
I feel truly honored and grateful to have served on your behalf as a city commissioner for one of the best cities in the USA! Always remember, it’s not too late to alter course for the betterment of our city, Someplace Special! And yes, I’ll be watching very, very closely…

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cooper City Budget and the City Manager

The upcoming budget will be a very challenging experience and it will test the commission as to where they are heading on serious issues. Are they going to massively raise your taxes again? Our Budget Workshops are upcoming to set millage rates, debt levy, adoption of initial assessment resolutions and to set times and dates for public budget hearings, all at city hall. Visit for dates and times.

The decisions made during this upcoming budget process are going to be difficult and will affect all residents in an adverse way, and I am doing everything possible to avoid that on your behalf. It’s past time to address the issue of solutions in order to reduce costs, not continuing to promote unnecessary feel good services while continuing to neglect and not improve core services instead of select favorite programs. The likelihood is that your commission majority will massively raise taxes again because this isn’t a primary election year.

One reason I see that the city is such a mess financially is that most career politicians on the dais care far more about keeping their political jobs than about helping you keep yours. My recent challenge to my fellow commissioners is “what’s the tough choice in 2018 that you’re going to make in order to make Cooper City better, more efficient and less costly to run?” You guessed it…no responses by anyone on the commission. Just the typical rhetoric regarding the budget process which doesn’t put more money in your pocket.
I recently motioned to terminate the city manager due to this continuing fiscal incompetence, lack of providing detailed information on agenda items, lack of providing information to residents and appointed board members. You guessed it, no support on your behalf from the political alliance. How unfortunate that those who run the city seem to not care a wit about those who pay their salary.
The city faces immediate tough choices in order to make this next fiscal year a priority to increase services, reduce taxes and improve customer service. My first priority after public safety is creating local jobs and lowering your taxes. Jobs are created here in our city by local business owners, not in Tallahassee or in Washington. This is why we need to elect like-minded residents, so they can save money and create more jobs.

One final note, there are candidates running for Districts 1 and 2 in November 2018, and I'm sure there are more to come. Hopefully you will make the right decision to seat commissioners in Districts 1 and 2 who will always look out for your best interests, not the interests of themselves and their political future or those who are political hacks of those on the commission.

To those of you that are concerned about what this commission wants to do regarding this upcoming budget process, please forward your concerns to me. I will voice them but I can assure you, they may be ignored if it puts money in your pocket.

Commissioner John Sims

Wednesday, September 14, 2016



COOPER CITY, FL (September 13, 2016) --- In response to the resident concerns about the ongoing speeding problem in Cooper City, the City Commission has encouraged BSO to "step-up" traffic enforcement, with a zero tolerance policy for drivers who ignore speed limits and stop signs.  The discussion began with an item on the September 12th Budget Hearing agenda, regarding a traffic study for 118th Ave. All members of the Commission were in agreement that action must be taken to deter drivers from exceeding speed limits throughout Cooper City.

It was stressed that every officer should be ticketing every driver who is speeding. Residents are complaining and they are afraid for their children's safety, but they are also the ones who are speeding. The Commission complimented BSO's enforcement activities and shared that District 16 deputies issued a total of 534 tickets citywide, just during the month of August. A Labor Day weekend traffic blitz resulted in 141 tickets. Speeding violations have warranted 358 tickets on SW 118th Avenue and 146 tickets on SW 49th Street alone for the year to date.

Acknowledging that BSO must "walk a fine line" between enforcement and community relations, It was stressed that BSO make a concerted effort and take whatever measures are necessary to curb this problem. Captain Cates has full authority to enforce the City's speed limits and issue any citations that are necessary. Captain Cates agreed that speeding in dense urban areas is a chronic problem throughout South Florida and will develop a strategy to hit this issue hard to gain community compliance.

Additional traffic details will be presented to the Commission at the Final Budget Hearing on September 20th at 6:30 in City Hall.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Response to the 'Salem Trial'...

It is unfortunate that my colleagues have spent their time seeking to prevent me from the  exercising  my 1st amendment rights. My comments are reflective of my views of  the continued highly questionable activities of this commission. I have been elected  by the voters in Cooper City three consecutive times, because  they have come to rely upon me to speak the truth no matter what the consequences may be. Whether it offends some or not, the truth must come first. I fully stand by my comments...

Friday, December 25, 2015

Cooper City Resident Speaks Out About Mayor's Corruption!


I look forward to reading your analysis. Hey! You didn't speak to any local activists!  

Our mayor is going too far. Greg Ross seems to be the one aggressively pushing this Resolution. While I understand his concern about the letter Sims sent to the Judge, the breadth of the proposed Resolution is very disturbing. There are very serious allegations set out yet there is no clear procedure about submitting any sort of evidence backing up the allegations. The word "illegal" is even used. Is the plan by Ross to go in, the city attorney reads the resolution, someone moves to vote on the resolution, and after a member's second they proceed to vote? Commission members do not have to speak. They can vote on this w/o any real discussion. This has all the makings of a drumbeat court martial to be followed by an execution.  

Our mayor is supposed to be an experienced Florida attorney. Someone who appears before local state courts in civil and criminal matters. Yet none of the rules or procedures related to this "special meeting" seem clear. It is not even clear why Mayor Ross felt the urgent need to bring forward such a highly unusual matter.  

I wrote the mayor for information on the planned procedures & received no response. The Resolution has the appearance of a not very well thought out tantrum. Yet, because due process, notice, minutes, etc., seem to be of only marginal interest to many of those in Cooper City government, it looks like the plan is to just barrel ahead. Why not? That's the way things are done in Cooper City.  

There is a background to all of this going way back. Back to Greg Ross before he was mayor coming into meetings to criticize Sims. Back to about the very first thing Ross did when elected mayor- when he pushed an expedited agenda item to de facto censure Sims for a Sims Facebook posting criticizing Obama. Ross got away with that, his city attorney saying and doing nothing. The latter saying nothing despite a written city policy seeming to direct "hands off" on a commission member's off the dais political speech. The city got away with it in a well-established local procedure. Anything troublesome, anything possibly an impediment? Just ignore it.  And so it has gone since that first Ross move in 12/2012.  

In the last two months the majority of the commission under Ross' leadership have, in my view, taken steps towards ripping up the City's Charter. They are making changes that affect the City's most important appointive board w/o allowing residents to vote on those changes in a referendum. It has been outrageous and insulting, and it has been backed at every step by the day to day city attorney.  It is clearly the case the majority of the commission wants to exercise control over the city's Charter Review Board, and nothing is going to stop that. Even when legal opinions and analysis had no references or citations to legal authority, it did not matter. Even when a commission member made inaccurate assertions about receiving a "second opinion" from the AG on a vital question, it did not matter. Even when it meant setting aside or ignoring well-established precedent, it did not matter.  

The local political situation is that nothing gets in the way of our commission's majority. They are increasingly authoritarian and as indicated by this new Resolution, completely out of control. They are far too free from any effective oversight, and their insensitivity to the will of the people is clearly reaching critical mass.  

In my opinion Sims' perception is the city has no respect for any law or rules that impede its desires. Sims obviously believes the day to day city attorney is a mere "yes man" for whatever the majority (his paymasters) orders him to do. That is what John Sims believes. I am not defending Sims' letter. But in my opinion Commissioner Sims' actions and intent can only be understood and analyzed within the context of why he so distrusts the day to day city attorney and the majority of his colleagues. 

Sent from Skip Klauber's I phone 

Bois ton sang, Beaumanoir, la soif te passera

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech is not perfect...

The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech is not perfect. It allows truths to be told and it allows lies to run rampant. It does not have the ability, in and of itself, to determine what is correct and what is incorrect. Rather, this imperfect amendment, with no safeguards as to veracity, allows the listener to make their own decision, allows the teller to put his foot in his mouth and allows those with various opinions to have various takes of what was said and what they heard. Anything short of this imperfect amendment would show just how perfect this amendment is. - Jamie Benjamin

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cooper City Mayor Greg Ross Censures Commissioner for exposing Fraud & Corruption

Mayor & commissioners censure commissioner for telling the truth! Corruption rules in  and so does lies, deceit, fraud and political corruption (In my humble opinion)
READ The Letter to the Judge regarding lies and a FRAUD ON THE COURT by Cooper City Attorney and Mayor ('ambulance chaser'/defense attorney Greg Ross) regarding the MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CLASS ACTION lawsuit that Mayor Greg Ross touted as "FRIVOLOUS"...another lie to the constituency (Yes, the 4th DCA approved the class) Now the citizens of #CooperCity will pay hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for the FRAUD and LIES by #JamesCurran, #GregRoss#, #LisaMallozzi, #JeffGreen...and #DavidWolpin

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sunshine week was rainy in Cooper City

Sunshine week was rainy in Cooper City

The week of March 11th was Sunshine Week. Such has not been the case as of late in Cooper City. Sunshine Week is observed annually throughout the US to point out that the public's business must be open to the public and that Government, must be open to public inspection. It is a national 'open government' initiative spearheaded by the majority of Americans to raise the awareness and educate the public about the importance of open government and the dangers of excessive secrecy.

It coincides with the birthday of James Madison, a Founding Father of our country known for his emphasis on the checks and balances in government and his advocacy of open government, a view that I continue to strongly support. Open government and transparency are essential to maintaining our freedoms from repression by government as well as free speech. As such, political discourse and full expression of opinion is a necessary and vital element for a healthy society to survive.

The words describing open government and transparency are words that may well be ignored. These words are being propagated yet ignored deep down in the bowels of the bureaucracy of government administrations. Given my experience and based on mine and other's observations, I have concluded and am disappointed to report that transparency and open government, along with freedom of speech, are not being put into practice in our city as required. We saw this in the recent State Attorney’s criminal investigation in Cooper City regarding secretly held meetings and again just last month regarding lack of notice to the public for Planning and Zoning Board meetings.

The Privacy and Freedom of Information Acts, along with constitutional amendments regarding Free Speech and Free Expression, are not meant to limit the flow of information and communication between the government and its electorate, but quite the opposite. The disregard by government of the clear language of the law is disheartening. It is quite appropriate that during Sunshine Week, although already passed, I bring out the turbulence that our local city government has created in abeyance of our Constitution and Sunshine laws.

I have placed on the agenda, an initiative to demand full, open and vast public notice of any and all ‘non-shade’ meetings in Cooper City.  I am not referring to just the bare minimal legal requirements. We will see if my colleagues on the commission support your rights, or protect the established methods that smacks of a complete and arrogant disregard for our public duty, our Oath of Office and our collective consciousness when it comes to fully informing the public.


During Sunshine Week, hundreds of truly dedicated elected representatives who understand the great and vast importance of this issue, media organizations, publishers, civic groups, libraries, nonprofits, schools and other participants, engage in public discussion on the importance of open government throughout many coffee shops, gatherings with family and friends, news programs, featured articles and hundreds of opinion columns, Web pages and blogs, editorials, cartoons, public service advertising, public seminars and forums.

As such, I implore you to do what you can to demand open government, improve open government and transparency, to communicate more effectively with your local elected officials and provide a full range of commentary not just on political issues, but on your everyday issues. Only the future will show who will step up to the mandates of open government in Cooper City. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cooper City’s Future

Cooper City’s Future

Thank you Cooper City! I would like to thank all of Cooper City’s residents for my recent re-election victory despite the staunch opposition. This was a grass-roots movement motivated by demanding change in how our city has been led and how it will be led in the future. This was indeed a victory for ‘We The People’.

It was important for me to run again because I’ve seen our community continually headed in the wrong direction. We’ve become way too complacent. Governments are instituted to protect the people’s rights and liberties, and that’s what’s lacking in our city. Too many have been playing politics as opposed to representing the wants and desires of their constituents.

I am pro good government. I want to see limited, effective government. As such, I will continue to work for you, the resident and business owner, advocating lower taxes, a smaller more accountable government, personal responsibility, a strong police presence and protection individual rights, and I will continue to stand by my voting record and my fiscally conservative actions while representing the people and business owners of Cooper City.

Based on our recent budget, the city must implement severe cost-reduction measures rather than fund our future on increased taxes. If not, we will either have to continue raise taxes, or make some serious cuts. And, nothing can be held harmless in making those deep cuts.

We can’t fund our city’s future on the fly, yet viable solutions are absolutely within reach. The city at all levels must stop and think “what’s good for Cooper City and its residents?" when making decisions. With that, I will remain fully committed to review and implement any and all cost cutting/cost sharing measures which provide a more accountable, efficient and effective city government at a reduced cost for the residents of our great city.

There are only two parts of the issue of success on the city commission, and they are mutual assistance and mutual respect. That has been lacking for quite some time, and now is the time to continue to hold each and every commissioner accountable. Mutual respect means that although we may not agree on issues, we must work through these differences, honestly and openly, and the end result must be solely on your behalf. We can WIN together but only if we WORK together. The past is behind us, the present is an opportunity, and the future is in our hands. My friends, good things do not come to those who wait. We’ve tried that, and now we now must reach...together.

In closing, I would like to once again thank the residents of Cooper City for allowing me to serve as your ‘Go To’ Commissioner. It is an honor to continue to represent you. You can view my website at, or I am readily available by telephone at 954.445.6997 or via email at Please allow me to continue to help resolve your concerns.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Commission Swearing In Ceremony Tuesday Night Nov. 25th @ 6 PM

Friends & Neighbors:
Janet and I cordially invite you to join us this coming Tuesday, November 25th at 6:00 PM – at City Hall located at 9090 SW 50 Place, in the Commission Chambers where I will be sworn in as the senior member of the city commission, and as City Commissioner for Cooper City for District 1. LET'S PACK THE HOUSE!
Your support over the past 7+ years, and especially over the last few months has been absolutely overwhelming. Last election day, November 4th, I succeeded in winning every precinct but two, thanks to the support of Cooper City residents who voted not just for me, but for continued and increased fiscal responsibility, ethical government, honesty, open government and communication, and most of all government transparency. Simply put, your voice was heard loud and clear despite staunch opposition by the unbefitting political faction who fortunately no longer controls our lives, our city and our local government!
You have given me the continued responsibility to keep a keen watch over our city government, the opportunity to change the way our city does business, and to ensure your hard earned money is not wasted on wants, but real needs. And...I will work with my colleagues, as they have again promised in collaboration on your behalf, to do just that as I again take my place on the dais, unfortunately for my final term in office.

Together, we will continue to make Cooper City an even greater place, yes, more than just 'Someplace Special' for our working families to live and prosper.

I look forward to seeing you at city hall Tuesday night at 6!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


I want to thank Cooper City for their unwavering support and for their confidence and faith in me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Also, a BIG THANKS to everyone who stood fast and volunteered in the race! YOU deserve the kudos!

Together, we will make Cooper City more than just 'Someplace Special'! It just goes to show that dirty politricks, empty suits, corruption, smear campaigns, lies, sign theft, frivolous newspaper and corrupt union endorsements and the 'it's all about me' attitude just doesn't work anymore in 'Someplace Special'!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Vote Tueday November 4th for John Sims!

It has been seven plus years since my first election to the Commission. You and I share many memories, trials and tribulations. Some of those memories have been glorious, some have been very frightening and sad. We have made many friends and enemies, and have gained and lost the support of residents. After all of the trials and tribulations, the opportunity to work with you and serve Cooper City has made my life’s goals worthwhile, and I wish to continue to serve the public in the best way that I can, looking out for you...

The coming election on Nov. 4th is of great importance to Cooper City. It is and has always been my committed goal to represent all of the city residents regardless of the district lines, which are in place for residency requirements only. Anyone in the entire city can support me.

As many of you are aware the problems that have faced us over the past couple of years has demanded that the voice of the residents must be heard and responded to, and not simply at the pleasure of a few. I have never wavered from my dedication to providing a forum for you to communicate your needs and to seek out solutions that are responsive to you.

The budget of the city has increased from less than $30M to over $50M in 7 years. I have vigorously sought to prevent unnecessary spending, yet at the same time insisting that the quality of services to the residents be of utmost importance.

As the only commissioner who has run a business and met payroll, I can assure you that now that this is not the time for on-the-job training, inexperience and a learning process at your expense. My experience, expertise and fundamental understanding of the processes of municipal government is solely directed to making the very best of what we offer as services of the city. 

The issues that seem to continue to require diligence are speed control within the city, the proper allocation of Code Compliance (compliance is the key, not a heavy handed oppression), and an upmost persistence to open transparent government with my commitment to hearing what the residents want, as that is why I am have earned the name of your ‘Go To’ commissioner.

It is responding to your emails, letters, and phone calls that resulted in your confidence in me by elected me twice and I hope for a third term so that I can continue to act on your behalf and not just simply go along to get along as some of my colleagues seem to do.

To know John Sims is to know how hard he works for you. He has the right vision for Cooper City and, with your cooperation; wonderful new things can happen to our quality of life & neighborhoods in Cooper City. At the same time John is very business oriented and fiscally astute. If you want a straight answer, not rhetoric, talk to John. If you want many continued empty promises, runaway spending and politically correct gibberish, vote for those who oppose and who are running against Commissioner Sims.

It is quite clear that some have in the past, and another one is running for office without any real understanding of the issues must less how to go about finding a solution. We need experience in city hall, not just another empty suit! Let's all continue the fight to solve the issues that linger in our city!

Who's going to be able to deliver leadership in our future without the constraints and ties to the past or present, without obligations and political favors to special interests? That’s right, John Sims! We talk so much about our history and the fact that Cooper City is supposed to be ‘Someplace Special”, but this is not about our history. It's about our future. And our future is at a dangerous crossroad. “My interest is genuine. It has been proven time and time again that I am representing you and no one else.”

And so I ask you, the people of Cooper City, to think this through with me. In facing this decision to seek re-election, I seek your prayers and support. In making it, I have decided that my service to you is of the utmost importance, for this is a decision that will affect our city's well-being for years to come. As such, I want you to know that I have an unmistakable belief in my destiny…honest and dedicated public service.

I wish to thank all of you for the support, dedication and help in the past and in the future. We can only succeed if we all try together, and city hall is the place to start! Let me help you to continue to be successful and continue to maintain Cooper City as 'Someplace Special'!

Vote for John Sims on Election Day, November 4, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Working hard to be your 'Go To' Commissioner!

Hello all...I’m working hard on continuing to be your ‘Go To’ commissioner in Cooper City.

Throughout my many years as a resident and public servant, I’ve been actively involved in our community working with residents and local business owners to ensure that we maintain Cooper City as ‘Someplace Special’, unlike my opponent who has never been involved in anything regarding your issues, the city and it's business.

This office is not just about setting policy and implementing local laws; this office is about trust, integrity, open government, public safety, your money, and a whole lot more...

We need to guarantee the future of our community for today and a strengthened community for everyone in the future, with an improved quality of life for our children and our grandchildren for years to come.

It’s all about protecting and preserving our rights and our quality of life. I hope you will keep me, John Sims, as your ‘Go To’ commissioner in Cooper City. Thank you for your vote and your support!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Repost from a Cooper City Resident regarding Campaign Sign Theft by the Opposition Candidate...

Walt Jolliff -- Recent events in the singular election contest in Cooper City has brought out the real nature of the challenger to Commissioner John Sims. The opponent and his supporters started their campaign of destruction and thievery by stealing campaign signs during the darkness of night, signs legally placed upon local property and on business locations provided to the Sims campaign. 

 Such behavior is more like that of adolescent youngsters and it is totally unacceptable for adults who seek to govern our city. The fact that destruction and thievery of political signs not only reflects upon the character of the perpetrators and the candidate they support but is a slap in the face of the residents who regardless of their political view support the freedom of speech which allows all of us to express our view openly and without concern or fear of the stealth of vandalism during the night upon our property or the property of others. 

 The financial impact of these nefarious activities has now reached the point of constituting theft at the level of Grand Theft, that’s right grand theft. Hundreds of dollars in signs, lumber and manpower paid for by well intentioned residents in support of their candidate of choice has been tarnished by the childish acts of adults thinking that this is the political process of disapproval that we in Cooper City condone. 

Can there be any excuse for such behavior? This is not the mischievous behavior of youngsters, this is the conduct of a person or persons who seek to advocate their choice of candidate to govern our community by theft of the expression of others in their choice. 

I think it is time to call upon the decent law abiding residents of Cooper City to show their disapproval of this disgusting and illegal conduct by doing what all law abiding people do in our country. Express your disgust with this nefarious conduct and use your belief in the manner that all good citizens believe in. 

It is up to you to decide what type of persons you want in your local community government. One which operates during the darkness of night by destruction and thievery or one that which conducts its self openly during the light of day. It’s up to you to make the call.

 Exercise your precious right to elect the person you think can do the best on your behalf by your VOTE on Nov. 4th. I am casting my vote for John Sims.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Davie & The Ranches Magazine October Candidate Article

As many of you are aware, the problems that have faced Cooper City have demanded that the voice of the residents be heard and responded to. I have never wavered from my dedication to you, communicating about your issues and seeking solutions that are favorable.
The city budget has doubled from $25M to $50M in 7 years. I have objected to unnecessary spending, meanwhile insisting that the quality of services to our residents come first. I support reducing taxes to put more money in your pocket. The city must immediately address revenue wind-falls by reducing unnecessary spending. The city must spend less and ‘tighten their belt’ as us residents have had to do.

Now is not the time for inexperienced leadership. My experience in business and municipal government are directed to providing the best of services offered to our residents and business owners. The issues that seem to require diligence are; controlling speeding, obtaining compliance with our codes (not a heavy handed oppression), improving safety, further reduction of crime, demanding open and transparent government, along with my commitment to supporting what the residents desire. I will sponsor implementation of senior and fixed income fee and tax relief programs to enhance our seniors’ quality of life. 

I will continue to work to ensure that students that go to school here also live here, reducing overcrowding and future redistricting, and ensuring our schools remain safe and secure. I will continue to address the concerns of residents on a fixed income while meeting the needs of growing families, businesses and future development by sponsoring a Utilities Advisory Board charged with reviewing the Enterprise, including infrastructure, funding and budgeting.

The Nov. 4th election is of great importance to Cooper City. It is, and has always been my committed goal to represent all residents regardless of the district lines. This is an ‘At-Large’ vote, meaning anyone in the city can vote for me. It is responding to your emails, letters, and phone calls that have resulted in your confidence in me, and I wish continue to serve on your behalf with your support.

I will continue to work hard to support our residents and business owners, implementing additional programs and working directly with you to help make you successful, resolving your issues, and continuing to maintain the title of your ‘Go To’ Commissioner.

Thank you for your support. You can visit my website at

Friday, September 19, 2014

2015 Budget Final Hearing, Storage Lot Fees & More...

I want to let everyone know that the Cooper City Commission is proposing, in the upcoming final budget hearing on Monday, September 22nd at 6:30 PM, to approve a nearly $50 million dollar budget! During the first budget hearing on September 15th, the only item that was discussed in regards to this entire budget was the Storage Lot Fees. Commissioner James Curran demanded that the storage lot fees remain the same and NOT be reduced, as previously promised to the Storage Lot tenants. Please come to the final budget meeting and show your support for Item 6-D-5, ‘Approving an amendment to the Lease, Lease Rates and Rules and Regulations for the Municipal Parking Facilities – Res. No. 14-9-12’. Come out and tell Commissioner Curran that we are sick and tired of him wasting our hard earned money and not living up to his promises! What do you have to say about this? Let’s keep the storage lot fees low! Please, come out and let your voice be heard!

The issue of the Cooper City Commission giving themselves a hefty pay raise is on the commission agenda for public hearings on Tuesday, October 14th and October 28th, at 6:30 PM at City Hall. The pay raise is scheduled to be anywhere between 100 and 233%. I object to the pay raise for many reasons as I have previously stated. Please be there to voice your opinion and concerns.

The Education Advisory Board of Cooper City is sponsoring a Candidates Forum on Wednesday, October 15th at 7PM in the Cooper City Hall Auditorium. As your ‘Go To’ Commissioner, it is my pleasure to invite you to participate in this event.

The issue regarding the closure, or opening, of 53rd street and Palm Avenue has been addressed for the ‘umpteenth time’ at our last commission meeting. I have received many, many emails and calls about this issue, and I have always supported the resident’s wishes on this issue. There are legitimate concerns by the residents who live along 53rd Street that too many vehicles use it as a through street from 106th to 100th Avenues, with many of them speeding while they do so. With the left turn blocked off, this concern was mitigated, but the traffic has had to shift up to 51st Street or down to the Sterling Springs entrance, forcing residents to wander through other streets to get to and from their homes, and simply transferring a problem from one street to another. There are no stop signs on 53rd Street, so it has been the preferred route compared to 51st with its two stop signs, for traversing from 106th to 100th. It is suspected that many of the drivers using the shortcut to 100th Avenue do not live in the neighborhood, making it even more frustrating for locals. In addition, rather than quote all of the details and facts, you can read more about it at There is a great amount of detail in addition to the background and history synopsis of this issue which can be viewed at

The city commission directed the city manager to remove the barrels on a temporary basis, perform another traffic study over the next few weeks if the county approves and agrees to it, which will include traffic counts, and speed monitoring on the neighborhood thoroughfares. This was the only way to get the county to do the study in order to resolve the issue in the long run. At that point, in order to be able to obtain real time and reliable data, the county will remove the barrels from Palm Avenue and perform a subsequent traffic study in order to justify stop sign implementation, enhancing the position that the 53rd street thoroughfare is unsafe in order to possibly install stop signs in the future.

Cooper City residents will be rewarded very soon since we implemented a recycling points program. Cooper City will offer RecycleBank, an online rewards program that distributes points based on the amount of material recycled. Homeowners can trade those points for discounts at local restaurants, obtain retailer coupons and also obtain free items such as magazine subscriptions and other goodies. Currently, our residents recycle an average 150 pounds of per year which is a 20 percent increase in recycling after the city introduced the larger rollout carts last year. The truck will be weighed after each route and the points equally distributed among those who sign up for the program. Other ways to earn points are to report "green actions," such as riding a bike to the store or walking to school, taking surveys or quizzes and watching educational videos. I certainly hope RecycleBank will increase our recycling efforts, and in addition, the program will certainly help educate all of us on other ways to be "green" and also to help promote local businesses.

If you haven’t seen the new (now old) Face Book page for Cooper City, (Cooper City Community Corner) you’re too late… All of the posts, comments and the entire page have been forever deleted! That’s too bad, especially since there were over 4,000 participants, in addition to some great discussions and issues presented that directly affected you. However, you can visit my Face Book page at

Also…you can vote from home! Absentee ballots in Broward County will be delivered in less than a few weeks! I wanted to confirm that you’ve registered to vote by mail. If not, you can do so now, and it only takes a few minutes…Check your status, or order your absentee ballot, by clicking here right now. 

Have your vote from home counted first by voting by mail. It is the easiest and most convenient way to participate in our upcoming election. If you have any questions, email me personally at  or call me on my cell at (954) 445-6997. If you've already registered to vote from home by mail, please forward this email to your Cooper City friends and neighbors and ask them to do the same. Voting from home by mail is simple and it saves time. Sign up now and avoid the long lines and the wait!


Don’t forget to mark your calendars for my next Town Hall meeting on Monday, October 20th at 7 PM, at the City Hall Commission Chambers. Please be there to voice your concerns and to show your support!

Thank you for your unwavering and continued support, and if you would like a yard sign, please let me know. Also, any and all donations are gladly and humbly accepted. You can donate any amount on my website at

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Facebook and my blog...

Facebook and my blog have been incredibly beneficial to me as your ‘Go To’ commissioner, because it has definitely opened a big window into the soul of the Cooper City community. I can't serve our residents and business owners well if I don't know what they demand in a leader. People ask why I put such effort into this page. The answer is simple...It's my job to know. Keep telling me what your issues are and I'll keep asking you for ideas and for your opinions, especially on how you want to resolve the many issues that our city faces. Thank you for your continuing support in allowing me to be your ‘Go To’ Commissioner!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School SMART Bond, Timberlake pipe replacement & More...

I hope all of you had a great Labor Day weekend! The issue of the Cooper City Commission giving themselves a hefty pay raise is on the commission agenda for tomorrow, Thursday, September 11that 6:30 PM at City Hall. The pay raise is scheduled to be anywhere between 100 and 233%, Why that day was picked still remains a mystery…Please be there to voice your opinion and concerns.

I would like to comment on the Utilities dept. and say what a great job they have done in managing the water pipe replacement in Timberlake! Not only has Mike Bailey and his dedicated crew done a fantastic job, but so has Killebrew, the contractor. This project is nearing completion, and there has been a minimal impact and minimal service outages throughout the development. Kudos to Killebrew and the Cooper City Utilities Department…great job!

The Flag ceremony at the community center very successful and everyone commented how well it was performed. Unfortunately, a personal commitment prevented from attending. I would however remind you that the Governor has proclaimed tomorrow as Patriot Day and has asked that all flags be flown at half-mast to remember those who gave their lives and in remembrance of the citizens who lost their lives, in addition to their families, on September 11th. Please say a prayer or give a moment of silence for them. They will always be remembered…

On September 15, 1024 at 6.30 pm in the Cooper City Commission Chambers, a presentation will be made by of the results of a recently completed traffic study conducted Calvin & Giordano at Pioneer Middle School. As you are aware, the traffic conditions associated with the drop off and pick up of students has a deleterious impact on traffic and student safety. The study was commissioned by the City to determine what remedies, if any, could be found.  The study and its results will be presented at the Commission meeting and we request your attendance as we address this significant safety concern.

I also want to let everyone know that Cooper City is proposing (at the last budget workshop), in the upcoming budget, to appropriate a $100,000 ‘donation’ to Cooper City schools. You can see where the Cooper City portion of the $800M bond is going to be allocated at What do you have to say about this? Please, let your voice be heard!

Our sewer rehabilitation contractor USSI Inc., will commence work in the Rock Creek and Flamingo Gardens areas.  This will involve work inside all of the manholes and also smoke testing of the system.  During this test, the contractor will force smoke into the sanitary sewer lines to check for leaks, breaks and defects in the system.  Prior to the smoke testing, the contractor will distribute door hangers to notify residents, and we will also follow up with another message to you in advance.  Jeff Roberson (954-434-4300 ext-118) is the administrator for this project.  Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested and let us know if you have any questions.

If you haven’t seen the new Face Book page for Cooper City, then check it out! You can 'LIKE' the page at  All of the posts have been great so far...LIKE and participate!

Thank you for your support and if you would like a yard sign, please let me know. Also, any and all donations are gladly and humbly accepted. Have a great weekend!

Keeping you informed,


Commissioner John Sims

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cooper City Commission Set To Give Themselves a 100%-233% Raise

We are asking all of our Cooper City residents to come out to the special Commission meeting on September 11th at City Hall beginning at 6:30 PM. The Commission is discussing giving themselves a minimum of a 100% to a maximum of 233% pay raise! While the charter gives them the power to do it, it doesn't state the amounts. I can't imagine themselves giving THEMSELVES that kind of an increase. As Taxpayers this will mean a minimum of $30,000.00 per year up to $70,000.00 total per year, each. It is important to remember that it is an elected position and a part-time one at that, but of course Comm. Curran will attack me on that premise. We pay a city manager over $150K to run our city.

You can view the entire discussion at the Commission Meeting at . If you would like to see the Commissioners discuss the topic of their raises click on and go to 1:58. We went three times around before the vote. Listen to the rationale of some of the city commission members as to why they are voting for a pay raise...ridiculous, and absurd in my humble opinion as to why the commission deserves a raise! This is all about public service, not about making money on your dime!

Apparently some on the Commission have publicly stated that I voted NO at the above referenced meeting (and I quote) 'because it is an election year'. Let me set the record straight with truth and facts...I voted NO for the reasons explained on record in the above referenced video. In addition, I have voted NO for commission pay raises at least twice in the past, since I have been so fortunate to represent your best interests, for the same reasons. Don't be fooled...I think it is absurd for the commission to ask for a pay raise when there are families in Cooper City who are still struggling to make ends meet...

Hope to see you on September 11th at 6:30 PM at City Hall.