Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School SMART Bond, Timberlake pipe replacement & More...

I hope all of you had a great Labor Day weekend! The issue of the Cooper City Commission giving themselves a hefty pay raise is on the commission agenda for tomorrow, Thursday, September 11that 6:30 PM at City Hall. The pay raise is scheduled to be anywhere between 100 and 233%, Why that day was picked still remains a mystery…Please be there to voice your opinion and concerns.

I would like to comment on the Utilities dept. and say what a great job they have done in managing the water pipe replacement in Timberlake! Not only has Mike Bailey and his dedicated crew done a fantastic job, but so has Killebrew, the contractor. This project is nearing completion, and there has been a minimal impact and minimal service outages throughout the development. Kudos to Killebrew and the Cooper City Utilities Department…great job!

The Flag ceremony at the community center very successful and everyone commented how well it was performed. Unfortunately, a personal commitment prevented from attending. I would however remind you that the Governor has proclaimed tomorrow as Patriot Day and has asked that all flags be flown at half-mast to remember those who gave their lives and in remembrance of the citizens who lost their lives, in addition to their families, on September 11th. Please say a prayer or give a moment of silence for them. They will always be remembered…

On September 15, 1024 at 6.30 pm in the Cooper City Commission Chambers, a presentation will be made by of the results of a recently completed traffic study conducted Calvin & Giordano at Pioneer Middle School. As you are aware, the traffic conditions associated with the drop off and pick up of students has a deleterious impact on traffic and student safety. The study was commissioned by the City to determine what remedies, if any, could be found.  The study and its results will be presented at the Commission meeting and we request your attendance as we address this significant safety concern.

I also want to let everyone know that Cooper City is proposing (at the last budget workshop), in the upcoming budget, to appropriate a $100,000 ‘donation’ to Cooper City schools. You can see where the Cooper City portion of the $800M bond is going to be allocated at What do you have to say about this? Please, let your voice be heard!

Our sewer rehabilitation contractor USSI Inc., will commence work in the Rock Creek and Flamingo Gardens areas.  This will involve work inside all of the manholes and also smoke testing of the system.  During this test, the contractor will force smoke into the sanitary sewer lines to check for leaks, breaks and defects in the system.  Prior to the smoke testing, the contractor will distribute door hangers to notify residents, and we will also follow up with another message to you in advance.  Jeff Roberson (954-434-4300 ext-118) is the administrator for this project.  Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested and let us know if you have any questions.

If you haven’t seen the new Face Book page for Cooper City, then check it out! You can 'LIKE' the page at  All of the posts have been great so far...LIKE and participate!

Thank you for your support and if you would like a yard sign, please let me know. Also, any and all donations are gladly and humbly accepted. Have a great weekend!

Keeping you informed,


Commissioner John Sims

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