Saturday, June 28, 2008

I believe in the First Amendment...

I would like to thank most of the voters in Cooper City for their awareness and perceptiveness in not signing the recent unwarranted, frivolous and malicious attempt at a recall effort. By seeing it for what it really was, you have reaffirmed my faith in the voters of this city that when fallacious and shameless lies are perpetrated, the wisdom of the public see's though it and that the truth will always prevail.

Many issues were brought up by the recall perpetrators during the effort that were outright false statements with no actual basis in fact nor demonstrable proof to support them.

The facts are that the allegations in the recall petition were patently false, and the entire democratic process was deliberately abused by a few extremists with a hidden agenda in order to discredit me and those that I associate with and publicly support.

These perpetrators and signators are the same people who have never once contacted me either via e-mail nor telephoned me personally in order to express themselves or learn of my concerns and to come to know what I stand for. They have simply taken the lies, rumors and smear campaign tactics from the past incumbents and their supporters and assumed them to be truthful without any attempt at verifying their truthfulness.

I strongly believe in the First Amendment, however with that there comes a equal responsibility. Every person has the right to say how they feel about another person.

Unfounded accusations, such as a person is a wife beater or is guilty of something as despicable as Anti-Semitic remarks, which I personally abhor, without any verifiable facts or actually labeled as being Anti-Semitic when the person is not, is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Political commentary or satire doesn't constitute Anti-Semitism nor rise to the terms of 'Slander and Defamation of Character' nor merit any type of criminal hate crime or legal action, as no such Anti-Semitism or hate crime actually occurred concerning this contrived debacle. The fact that I was falsely accused of these things directly by Mayor Debby Eisinger, Ex-Commissioners Elliot Kleiman, Bart Roper, Lori Green, Greg Ross and many others greatly disturbs me, as it should you. This is the kind of unethical disparaging and frankly extremely dirty 'smear campaign' politics and violations of the law that has given Cooper City such a bad reputation over the past few years, which I have personally not participated in, and it should not be tolerated whatsoever by any of the good citizens of this community.

Based on what I perceive to be the expectations of the majority of Cooper City residents, I am fully committed to the following; a more effective, efficient and reduced budget, saving more money for the taxpayers, using what we are getting and what we have in a better manner as far as tax revenues, hiring the absolute best city manager we can afford, reducing the over taxation by utilizing any budget overages and excessive revenues in a more prudent manner, performing a forensic audit so that we all know exactly where we stand (I have been advocating this for the past 18 months) and assuring the new city manager of a clean slate, and opposing the purchase of property for $3.5+ million for new post office that Cooper City will never, ever see regardless of the opinion of a few.

Based on what has been communicated to me by the majority of Cooper City residents that I have spoken with, I am committed to making the Cooper City government run more like a business. To act as a problem solver in dealing with the challenges facing Cooper City over the next few years. My focus will continue to oppose runaway taxes, uncontrolled and unnecessary spending, inefficient and excessive regulations, and to always observe the limited, enumerated powers of our Constitution and our Oath of Office, and insist that the entire Commission abide by them and our City Charter, not ignore them.

Thank you, and I look forward to your continued input and support

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Effort to Recall Cooper City Commissioner Falls Flat


Effort to Recall Cooper City Commissioner Falls Flat

Cooper City, Florida – The effort to recall a popular commissioner in Cooper City has been abandoned. The petition to recall Commissioner John Sims stemmed from a blog that Sims allegedly owned. At issue was a picture posted on the blog of the Mayor of Cooper City, Debby Eisinger, with a superimposed Hitler moustache on her upper lip. Sims denies any involvement or wrongdoing.

The Broward Sheriff’s office initiated a hate crime investigation into Sims involvement with the blog but suspended it when there wasn’t sufficient evidence to proceed. The recall effort was started by former Cooper City Commissioner Elliot Kleiman and the former campaign manager for Mayor Debby Eisinger, Lori Green. According to Kleiman’s website, the group obtained the necessary signatures to fulfill the first requirement but said the continued effort would be too costly and that “In these times of economic hardship it was felt that requiring Cooper City to spend approximately $110,000 at this time was not prudent and, therefore, it was decided not to pursue the petition drive beyond the current stage”.

However, inside sources to the recall effort said that the required number of signatures was never obtained. “I’m not sure why they started the petition in the first place other than to make a political statement. Had the governor chose to remove Commissioner Sims, we wouldn’t have a choice. We would have to pay for a special election anyway” said Renee Delotta, community activist and consultant on several local campaigns. Delotta said the die was cast right after Sims was swept into office just over a year and a half ago. “There is a group of people in this city that despise Commissioner Sims and would do almost anything to see him out of office”, Delotta continued.

When asked how he felt about the failed recall bid Sims responded, “It didn’t really bother me one way or the other. It was a politically motivated move by several sore losers who simply wanted me out of office and used spurious, misinformation to try to accomplish their purpose.” Long time Cooper City resident Victoria Bikos agrees. “Commissioner Sims is edgy, forthright and has strong convictions. Because of that he has challenged the status quo. He has endured orchestrated and relentless attacks but still keeps on going. He’s the only one on the Commission dais that regularly votes his conscious.”

Sims said he’s glad the matter has been put to rest. “Now we can get back to the business of our great city. It’s time to put all of this behind us and move on.” When asked if he would run for reelection at the conclusion of his first term he responded, “The verdict is still out. Let’s just say I am weighing my options.” Commissioner Sims can be contacted via phone at (954) 439-5612 or email at