Friday, November 23, 2007

Cooper City's 'plan' for future out more money honey!

According to Mike Bailey, Utilities Director, the days of 'cheap water' are over. Of course the blame is settled in on 'dry spells' rather than south Florida's water mis-management by a district that knows nothing in regards to our ecology. So. Florida's history has proven that! Now we suddenly have a 20 year master water & sewer plan, and we are facing up to 24% increases in our water bills, although this was not part of our budget, nor any other major discussions. In fact, Commissioner Kleiman and myself objected to the workshop set for Dec. 5th (City Hall at 7 PM), haphazardly placed on the schedule by the Mayor without so much as a response by me prior to its solidification. And...we don't even have a copy of the 'study' as of this date.

Now, according to the article in the Davie/Cooper City Gazette, we are required to find or 'seek alternative sources of water'. There is no such thing as an 'alternative source' of water in South Florida. Although water is water, it perpetuates itself in many different forms. The amount of water on this planet has not changed in billions of years. It is the same now, down to the drop and molecule, as it was when the Earth was formed. Maybe we should seek an alternative 'source' other than the SFWMD!

Maybe gas will be cheaper than water within the next ten years! Of course we will never see cars running on water in our lifetime, all because the fellow who invented the car that ran on H2O was recently murdered. When all else fails, call me. I happen to know a guy who drills wells for a living...

See the entire article (reprinted) here.


  1. In response to this "There is no such thing as an 'alternative source' of water in South Florida."

    I think you are mistaken. Check into this, but I thought I heard that there are at least 2 aquifers that can be tapped. The Biscayne and the Florida acqufier, where one is used today and the other is a possibility (I am going off the top of my head and might be wrong here).

    Also, what about salt water purification, is that NOT an alternative?
    I just read a bit on the SFWMD website, and they DO appear to have a more than "nothing" understanding of the ecology in South Florida.
    Maybe you should check out their website, read up on the issue rather than posting what appears to be a knee jerk reaction.

    While I don't expect you to be an expert on the topic (I am not), I would expect you'd do "some" research before posting such a vitriolic diatribe.

    Tevis Jones

  2. No, I meant other than the aquifer's both Biscayne & Fla. I agree that desalinization is an alternative, but everyone touts that it is supposedly prohibitively expensive. I disagree. No one wants to address de-sal plants. If you research the SFWMD history and Board, you'd know what I meant. I have lived here all of my life and seen them destroy our ecosystem for the love of power & money. Promises they made 20 or 30 years ago have not been kept. Just look at the Everglades...I do my homework by the way. You may not like my opinion, but at least you have the right to object to it or disagree...SFWMD is not the agency we need to control water. They support big sugar, plain & simple, not the resident's needs. I guess you didn't see the recent article about their pay raises?


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