Monday, December 10, 2007

Cooper City Partisanship

Cooper City has become a disgraceful battleground of partisanship and has disregarded the needs of everyday Americans and our residents. Administrative and incumbent approval ratings are hovering around 20%. Our town has become the laughing stock of south Florida and the political issues are the biggest soap opera in existence. Our town upcoming election is going to be like a car crash; supporters want to see who survive it. I promise you that as your commissioner, I will continue work in a true bipartisan manner to put forth an agenda that is created by and beneficial to all residents and not sell out to special interests or residents who think they are better than others for political or monetary gain. It is not what’s best for Democrats or what’s best for Republicans that matters; it’s what’s best for Cooper City residents regardless of party, race or religion. We, as the leadership body for this city, must be unified in the continual quest for excellence. It's time to force our staff to get their priorities straight in regards to our shareholders and their needs. It's time to get back to basics in our service to the people. It’s time to stop the partisan, personality based bickering that has stalemated our local government from doing the job that the commission was elected by the people to do.

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