Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cooper City: Opposition to candidates resort to possible criminal behavior

The Sun-Sentinel posted the following commentary on their forum; Mr. VT said "It is bad enough when the words fly with gossip, half truths, and possible slander, but it is just disgusting when tires are slashed and cars are intentional damaged. It is particularly abhorrent when those who hide in the shadows seek out women who are just doing their best to serve the community in the best possible way as wanting to serve on the local commission. Just ask Diane Sori or Renee DeLotta what their participation will cost them. I guess if you can't articulate your message and are just plain dumb you have only one message and that is to damage your opponent by resorting to delinquent pranks. Let's hope that this can be stopped now before it gets out of hand."

Well Mr. VT, bravo! Finally, there IS someone else with the impertinence to tell it like it is. I have 'bitten my tongue' in regards to the ultimate nasty politics and lies emanating from the this election and in last March's election. Enough is enough! The gloves may have to come off soon...Mr. VT conveniently forgot to mention the theft of campaign signs from the oppositions supporters on private property. I guess the one(s) who perpetrated the crimes against Diane Sori and Renee DeLotta forgot what was taught at the 'Bullying' seminar recently given at the High School.

Read the entire Sun-Sentinel story HERE.

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