Monday, December 21, 2015

Cooper City Mayor Greg Ross Censures Commissioner for exposing Fraud & Corruption

Mayor & commissioners censure commissioner for telling the truth! Corruption rules in  and so does lies, deceit, fraud and political corruption (In my humble opinion)
READ The Letter to the Judge regarding lies and a FRAUD ON THE COURT by Cooper City Attorney and Mayor ('ambulance chaser'/defense attorney Greg Ross) regarding the MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CLASS ACTION lawsuit that Mayor Greg Ross touted as "FRIVOLOUS"...another lie to the constituency (Yes, the 4th DCA approved the class) Now the citizens of #CooperCity will pay hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for the FRAUD and LIES by #JamesCurran, #GregRoss#, #LisaMallozzi, #JeffGreen...and #DavidWolpin

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