Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Response to the 'Salem Trial'...

It is unfortunate that my colleagues have spent their time seeking to prevent me from the  exercising  my 1st amendment rights. My comments are reflective of my views of  the continued highly questionable activities of this commission. I have been elected  by the voters in Cooper City three consecutive times, because  they have come to rely upon me to speak the truth no matter what the consequences may be. Whether it offends some or not, the truth must come first. I fully stand by my comments...


  1. The timing of Mayor Ross' actions seems strange. What emergency existed that required the time and expenses associated with a "Special Meeting"? A "Special Meeting" set a few days after Christmas during a time of year when many families are away from home. Why not bring the matter up on the next regular meeting's agenda? And why was there no evidence submitted regarding the wide range of charges in the resolution?

    As has too often been the case, a Cooper City mayor has pushed forward a procedure that is stunningly selective in its target. The supposed rules and "concerns" of the Cooper City Politburo do not fall equally upon its members.

  2. The Mayor is a liar and a corrupt politician. He is nothing more than another scumbag lawyer.


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