Monday, November 3, 2014

Vote Tueday November 4th for John Sims!

It has been seven plus years since my first election to the Commission. You and I share many memories, trials and tribulations. Some of those memories have been glorious, some have been very frightening and sad. We have made many friends and enemies, and have gained and lost the support of residents. After all of the trials and tribulations, the opportunity to work with you and serve Cooper City has made my life’s goals worthwhile, and I wish to continue to serve the public in the best way that I can, looking out for you...

The coming election on Nov. 4th is of great importance to Cooper City. It is and has always been my committed goal to represent all of the city residents regardless of the district lines, which are in place for residency requirements only. Anyone in the entire city can support me.

As many of you are aware the problems that have faced us over the past couple of years has demanded that the voice of the residents must be heard and responded to, and not simply at the pleasure of a few. I have never wavered from my dedication to providing a forum for you to communicate your needs and to seek out solutions that are responsive to you.

The budget of the city has increased from less than $30M to over $50M in 7 years. I have vigorously sought to prevent unnecessary spending, yet at the same time insisting that the quality of services to the residents be of utmost importance.

As the only commissioner who has run a business and met payroll, I can assure you that now that this is not the time for on-the-job training, inexperience and a learning process at your expense. My experience, expertise and fundamental understanding of the processes of municipal government is solely directed to making the very best of what we offer as services of the city. 

The issues that seem to continue to require diligence are speed control within the city, the proper allocation of Code Compliance (compliance is the key, not a heavy handed oppression), and an upmost persistence to open transparent government with my commitment to hearing what the residents want, as that is why I am have earned the name of your ‘Go To’ commissioner.

It is responding to your emails, letters, and phone calls that resulted in your confidence in me by elected me twice and I hope for a third term so that I can continue to act on your behalf and not just simply go along to get along as some of my colleagues seem to do.

To know John Sims is to know how hard he works for you. He has the right vision for Cooper City and, with your cooperation; wonderful new things can happen to our quality of life & neighborhoods in Cooper City. At the same time John is very business oriented and fiscally astute. If you want a straight answer, not rhetoric, talk to John. If you want many continued empty promises, runaway spending and politically correct gibberish, vote for those who oppose and who are running against Commissioner Sims.

It is quite clear that some have in the past, and another one is running for office without any real understanding of the issues must less how to go about finding a solution. We need experience in city hall, not just another empty suit! Let's all continue the fight to solve the issues that linger in our city!

Who's going to be able to deliver leadership in our future without the constraints and ties to the past or present, without obligations and political favors to special interests? That’s right, John Sims! We talk so much about our history and the fact that Cooper City is supposed to be ‘Someplace Special”, but this is not about our history. It's about our future. And our future is at a dangerous crossroad. “My interest is genuine. It has been proven time and time again that I am representing you and no one else.”

And so I ask you, the people of Cooper City, to think this through with me. In facing this decision to seek re-election, I seek your prayers and support. In making it, I have decided that my service to you is of the utmost importance, for this is a decision that will affect our city's well-being for years to come. As such, I want you to know that I have an unmistakable belief in my destiny…honest and dedicated public service.

I wish to thank all of you for the support, dedication and help in the past and in the future. We can only succeed if we all try together, and city hall is the place to start! Let me help you to continue to be successful and continue to maintain Cooper City as 'Someplace Special'!

Vote for John Sims on Election Day, November 4, 2014

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