Sunday, November 23, 2014

Commission Swearing In Ceremony Tuesday Night Nov. 25th @ 6 PM

Friends & Neighbors:
Janet and I cordially invite you to join us this coming Tuesday, November 25th at 6:00 PM – at City Hall located at 9090 SW 50 Place, in the Commission Chambers where I will be sworn in as the senior member of the city commission, and as City Commissioner for Cooper City for District 1. LET'S PACK THE HOUSE!
Your support over the past 7+ years, and especially over the last few months has been absolutely overwhelming. Last election day, November 4th, I succeeded in winning every precinct but two, thanks to the support of Cooper City residents who voted not just for me, but for continued and increased fiscal responsibility, ethical government, honesty, open government and communication, and most of all government transparency. Simply put, your voice was heard loud and clear despite staunch opposition by the unbefitting political faction who fortunately no longer controls our lives, our city and our local government!
You have given me the continued responsibility to keep a keen watch over our city government, the opportunity to change the way our city does business, and to ensure your hard earned money is not wasted on wants, but real needs. And...I will work with my colleagues, as they have again promised in collaboration on your behalf, to do just that as I again take my place on the dais, unfortunately for my final term in office.

Together, we will continue to make Cooper City an even greater place, yes, more than just 'Someplace Special' for our working families to live and prosper.

I look forward to seeing you at city hall Tuesday night at 6!

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