Friday, October 29, 2010

Cooper City Election on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, vote John Sims!

Why should you vote for me, John Sims, a True Fiscal Conservative?

I have consistently voted against higher taxes.
I have consistently voted against increased city budgets.
I have consistently supported and demanded a balanced budget and lower taxes for residents and business owners.
I have consistently maintained a posture of looking for ways to properly spend only spending taxpayer’s money, only when a need is clearly identified.
I have insisted upon a vetting process for every discretionary expenditure.
I have consistently voted in the best interest of our residents and business owners.
I have refused to vote for any expenditure that did not directly improve the services or quality of life in our city.
I have vigorously attempted to implement a local code of ethics, consistently rejecting the dirty politricks that have disgraced our city under the current leadership and by their candidates.
I have dedicated a tremendous amount of quality time and effort into our city in order to make it the best municipality in the county.
I have consistently supported our BSO police & fire, increasing our 'feet on the street'.
I have consistently supported our local business owners in every way possible in order to create jobs.
I have consistently worked to help our residents and business owners on a variety of issues and concerns, earning the title of your ‘Go To’ Commissioner in Cooper City.

A John Sims vote will:
Continue the fight for residents and businesses to keep more of their hard earned tax money.
Continue the focus on open, transparent government, excellence and accountability,
while fighting corruption.
Continue to protect your constitutional and property rights.
Continue to hold city hall accountable to you and your neighbors.
Continue to improve the city’s financial integrity and long term prosperity.

Government is unsustainable at its current pace at all levels: city, state and national. There are simply not enough revenues to cover the expenses and it’s getting worse. We, as a city, are then faced with 3 alternatives:

• Increase Revenues – taxes & fees, which I have refused to do because we simply do not need to do so in this recessed economy.
• Cut Expenditures – discretionary and wants vs. needs which I have consistently mandated.
• Become more efficient and customer friendly oriented in our operations, which I have consistently demanded.

If efficiency and a business like government is what is needed and demanded “By The People”, then I am the most qualified candidate in the race.

Bottom Line: It’s Your Tax Dollars, Your Hard Earned Money, Your City...Choose Wisely!

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