Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cooper City Absentee Ballots

Dear Cooper City Resident,

Thank you for being a voter in Cooper City, ‘Someplace Special’!

To keep Cooper City that way we all must exercise our privilege of voting. Your support by voting is important to our city’s future and the well-being of all the residents of our community.

When you vote, please keep in mind that I have supported our Police and Fire first responders, Teachers, Optimist Club, our local business owners and most of all, YOU!

I have consistently led the effort to;

Provide for an open government and transparency in all matters of governmental actions,

Develop a strong ethical and fiscal accountability to reduce waste and inefficiency at city hall,

Lead the fight to create opportunities for business to flourish which equates to jobs and successful local businesses,

Fought to protect your rights against those who would seek to reduce or abolish them for political control in order to intrude into our lives.

As one who knows how to manage a business, balance a budget, and build a successful enterprise, I know that this is just what is needed to lead this city government during what is said to be the worst financial recession in 80 years without resorting to the easy way, raising your taxes.

As a successful businessman and one who has actually been successful in building both small and large businesses I believe that we need experienced, well-rounded leaders in our city who will continue the fight to uphold those things that have made Cooper City the place you call home.

Will you stand with me against the city hall insiders who seek to illicitly gain financially from those of us who pay the taxes and to hold them accountable?

Now is the time to vote Keep John Sims as your ‘Go To’ commissioner so that I can continue to work for you, my boss.

With respect I ask that you help me by continuing to support me with your vote so that our city can remain on a road to prosperity and remain ‘Someplace Special’ in which we live and work.

You may click here for an absentee ballot request form:

You may wish to go to my website at and click on the absentee ballot link or to read more about what I have, and will continue to do for you.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve you, and I look forward to your agreement that my future service in our community is what you want for all of the residents Cooper City.

Thank you for your valued support and enjoy your day!

Best regards,

Commissioner John Sims

Keep John Sims your 'Go To' Cooper City Commissioner

Thank you for your support and your vote on Nov. 2nd!

Thank you for your campaign donation today!

John Sims Campaign
8708 SW 55 ST
Cooper City, FL 33328-4324

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