Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cooper City Budget, Property Tax & Senior's Meetings

I wanted to update you on a few very important upcoming meetings in Cooper City. They will be located at city hall, 9090 SW 50 Place, Cooper City, FL 33328.

On Monday and Tuesday July 26th and 27th at 6 PM there will be workshops held at city hall regarding our 2010-2011 budget.

The 2010-2011 proposed budget can be found online at

On Thursday July 29th, there will be a millage rate (Ad Valorem Property Taxes) workshop at 6 PM at city hall. This meeting is regarding your property taxes. Please be there to show support to my opposition of any property tax increase.

Challenges regarding our budget in Cooper City are mounting. Our surpluses and cash equivalents were $22M+ at the beginning of this fiscal year. As such, we shouldn’t need to even discuss raising the property (ad valorem) taxes. We also don’t need to spend your hard earned tax dollars on a new city hall, as wished for by a majority on the city commission.

Some of the increased taxes and fees the city levies, or is capable of levying, that you may soon encounter, are ad valorem property taxes, the fire assessment fee, the utilities fee/tax, sanitation tax, storm water tax, waste water tax, franchise fee/tax, electricity and telecommunications tax, occupational licenses, permit fees, etc. You get the idea…

On Wednesday, July 28th at 10:00 am a Senior’s forum will be hosted by The Recreation Department. The Forum will be moderated by Stephen Person, Consultant on Senior Affairs.

This forum is designed to receive information from the Cooper City Seniors, Caregivers and other residents attending and interested in our Cooper City Elders activities.

The forum will consist of the following:

1. To determine how to increase awareness and participation in existing programs and services that are offered to those over-60 residents in Cooper City.

2. To solicit ideas from attendees on how existing services can be improved.

3. To identify programs and/or services that would be desired with the focus on improving the quality of life for Cooper City Senior Citizens.

I believe that we need to implement the bus route in Cooper City. I believe the money is available and our seniors so desperately need that service.

Please attend these very important budget workshops, millage workshop and Senior’s Forum to assist our Seniors, caregivers and all interested in improving the quality of life for that Special Segment of Population of our City. Your input is necessary to enhance their daily lives and activities at The Community Center and in Cooper City.

For additional information on the senior’s forum, please call Kathy at 954-434-4300, Ext. 255. Let us all support our Senior Citizens and attend this Forum.

As I have previously stated, the city should and must ‘tighten its belt’ like most of our residents have to do in order to continue to operate ‘in the black’ without unnecessarily raising your taxes. No substantial efforts have been made by staff and the commission to decrease spending, yet the city must be committed to getting serious about your money with decisions on spending made more responsibly, especially in the current economy.

This can be accomplished by removing the political barriers on the city commission, demanding stronger and unbiased leadership, and demanding a lean and responsive city commission and staff with increasing fiscal responsibility toward our residents and business owners.

I simply want to make it very clear, I see myself as a public servant continuing to be increasingly vigilant, fiscally prudent and respectfully responsible to our residents and business owners in the manner in which way we spend their hard earned tax dollars. We should do everything we can to reduce inefficiencies, strive to minimize and reduce taxes and work hard at reducing government’s negative influence on its residents and businesses. It's about what's in your best interests, something that our city government and staff doesn't always place at the top of their priorities.

Remember, Cooper City residents are now able to watch our City Commission meetings live on the Internet at Residents can instantly replay all or part of the meetings at their convenience through a link on the City’s web site.

I am deeply honored to represent and serve Cooper City’s residents and business owners. I am open to your comments and concerns and would like to continue to help resolve your problems regarding city issues and requirements.

Most importantly, don’t miss the opportunity to vote in our city election on November 2nd. Thank you for your support and your vote on Nov. 2nd!

Have a great summer, stay safe and remember to slow down and look out for the children out of school and playing in our neighbor hoods. Enjoy your weekend!
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