Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Campaign Sign Theft in Cooper City!

Last evening my magnetic campaign signs were stolen from a supporter's vehicle from the area of 51st Street and SW 92nd Terrace in Cooper City, FL.

Broward Sheriff’s Office is investigating the Case #16100700726

Any information leading to the arrest of campaign sign thieves and any information leading to the knowledge of anyone who steals campaign sign thieves will be reciprocated by a reward.

If someone is arrested, they could be charged with theft of campaign sign, a misdemeanor punishable by a fine or possible jail time.

Please keep an eye on your signs when they are able to be placed out.

Trespassing is also against the law. As such, I will expect the Broward Sheriff’s Office to be vigilant for political sign pilferage and the State Attorney to aggressively prosecute and one caught stealing campaign signs and/or trespassing.

If signs are missing in this upcoming election season, please call Broward Sheriff’s Office and get a case number. Demand a report and an investigation!

Because of the importance of the election process to our system of democracy, I do not take lightly these violations! Should we catch anyone involved in this activity, we will stringently enforce the law and they will pay!

You can steal our signs, but not our votes!
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