Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is Cooper City's Safety at Risk?

To all Cooper City residents,

Please read the below release...

A Message from Sheriff Al Lamberti

“This afternoon I announced our agency’s new gun violence prevention program. The goal of this program is to reduce the level of gun violence in Broward County. This is not a short-term initiative but a new BSO philosophy. This proactive program aims to remove illegal weapons from the streets and to impede illegal ownership of guns. Our deputies will be trained to spot, track and prevent gun crimes. New technology will be introduced to track and match shell casings to guns used in homicides and robberies. And through Crime Stoppers, rewards will now be made to callers who report people who have weapons illegally or who posses banned weapons. The Crime Stoppers program, Gun Stoppers, will award up to $100 for the recovery of an illegal weapon and up to $1,000 for the arrest of someone carrying a gun illegally. To make a report, call (954) 493-TIPS (8477) or (866) 493-TIPS toll free. Remember, you will remain anonymous. I am confident that if we work together, Broward County will remain a safe place for all of our families.”


NOTE: I would also urge each and every one of you to support Sheriff Lamberti’s FY 2009-10 budget and his fight against any reduction of it, and give him your full support (See attached .pdf file). This politically created budget issue is not about party politics...It is about keeping our streets and our precious families safe in a time of apparent turmoil in these trying times. Unscrupulous criminals are in our neighborhood and city as evidenced by the BSO RED ALERT of March 12th. These criminals are coming into our local neighborhoods and communities with no regard for your life, your safety, or that of your family. Don’t forget about our brave BSO Firefighters also!

Government’s sole function is simply that of health, safety and welfare of the public at large. Nothing more, nothing less. Make no mistake about it, we need to ensure that our city government, Debby Eisinger, Lisa Mallozzi, James Curran and Neal DeJesus, along with myself and the Office of the Broward Sheriff, are doing just that. Ensuring your safety and that of your family, while ensuring the safety of our communities and families at large, is the absolute number one priority of any government entity. Don’t allow the County’s apparent mis-management of taxpayer money get in the way of your safety and that of your family...

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