Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cooper City Budget Priorities

The deadline is most definitely drawing near for Cooper City's annual, and the most massive of all time, budget approval. We were facing cutting millions and having to deal with a state-mandated budget cut, and our Commissioners still need to pull out their red pens. It's clear that the majority's budget choices reflect personalities, non-priorities and past incompetent budget behavior. Just look at the steep climb in spending per the Finance Director's charts!

Cooper City incumbents are willing to stop sorely needed road repairs, eliminate code enforcement officers, terminate school crossing guards and squeeze out School Resource Deputies from the city budget and expenditures, and at the same time, support more than a dozen 'free' (yeah right!) community events. Such events include the Teen Twilight Egg Hunt, the Community Book Swap and the Valentine's celebration 'Say I Do Again'. Make no mistake, they will go on and be paid for by you, at a total cost of over $42,000.

And I quote the Herald, "That's the heart and soul of this city, to be able to have our Founder's Day, to be able to have our `Light Up Cooper City,' to be able to have our annual trick-or-treat event," Mayor Debby Eisinger said. "That's what gives us that attractive hometown community atmosphere."

As public budget hearings continue through the end of September for our city, specifically on this coming Monday the 17th and 24th, the Legislature's directive to reduce property taxes is drastically affecting our city budget. As usual, our previous levels of spending are out of control, and it is supposed to be forcing us, as elected officials, to decide what truly constitutes budget fat. Too bad the People are going to be totally ignored along with the fact that certain Commission members are being completely ignored by the current Administration.

Unfortunately, for the sake of the future of our great city, the Mayor puts 'PR' events before the essential services, health, safety and welfare of the residents when she cuts essential services in lieu of cutting these questionable events, or should I say events that probably won't even be questioned in the upcoming budget hearings.

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