Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cooper City - BSO Public Safety Budget Concerns

Based on my blog entry yesterday, some of you may have misinterpreted my comments regarding BSO and the budget. I feel I need to clarify the BSO 'takeover' comment for anyone that didn’t attend the budget meeting so that you are fully informed about what I requested, my thoughts and my statements regarding BSO, so they can in no way be misconstrued.

I referred to the fact that Cooper City has actually lost public safety personnel due to the ‘takeover’, as what Cooper City residents are terming the change from the Cooper City Police Department to BSO. It was sad to learn that many residents objected to the BSO contract, which may be somewhat inadequate, and have informed me that it was an apparent 'done deal' without much concern for public input.

At the budget workshop last Tuesday, I requested that the Commission consider additional funding (from $1.3M to $2M) and we should put the money in the upcoming budget for more police and more firefighters (headcount of 8 to 10, and 4 to 5 respectively) so that our number one priority department, public safety, can be fully staffed. There are budget surpluses anywhere from 2 to 20 million dollars depending on who you talk to...We certainly need to discuss it further!

I have always been a great supporter of Chief Hale, Commander Stoner, Chief Campbell and the entire Cooper City BSO District 16 team. Chief Hale is a top notch individual and you can read some of his comments and concerns here. I am 100% behind BSO and in no way have I ever ‘bashed’ them, although I have questioned some individuals' judgment.

We need to seriously look at why the Monterra Fire Department won't be built now. We can't afford to wait and also we can't afford to delay police department staffing increases.

I have, and will continue to always commended BSO personnel for the job they perform, and I simply want to make their job easier and safer with more feet on the street. We won't tolerate crime and loss of life, or property in Cooper City! Our police force is stretched thin as it is and residents demand more protection. If you have any questions, you can contact me as always or view my website.

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