Wednesday, April 11, 2007

John will...



  • RESTORE CONFIDENCE in our city government.
  • SUPPORT BALANCED economic 'Smart Growth' plans.
  • IMMEDIATELY ADDRESS any city government waste.
  • LEAD THE CITY in restoring and increasing its financial integrity.
  • INSTILL POSITIVE CHANGE in order to revitalize our city.
  • INCREASE COMMUNICATION from city hall.
  • DEMAND SMART GROWTH for our city's resources.
  • DEMAND control and decorum of city business meetings.
  • ALLOW any item affecting our city to be on the agenda.
  • DEMAND DUE PROCESS and the right to be fully heard at city business meetings.
  • DEMAND that the City Manager make a full report at each commission meeting.
  • ENFORCE existing rules, policy and procedures, along with civil rights.
  • TAKE ACTION and get results to vastly improve our city.
  • RETURN OUR CITY to the people of Cooper City.

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