Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Implementation of a Senior Advisory Counsel

You all now know it's time for us all to get serious about our economy, about building successful relationships and businesses large and small, and making good jobs more plentiful across the whole city and that it is just as critical to get serious about economic justice. You know that it's time to get serious about delivering both internal and external quality customer service, and dealing once and for all with escalating taxes, fees and costs.

Make no mistake; this city administration is about leadership that strives to serve our residents long-term interests in stronger, healthier, safer and more prosperous communities. We need the best ideas, professionalism, life experiences and the best people from all comers, young, old, blue collar, professionals, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, to help turn our city around. The main resource of these should be the seniors in out city.

Therefore, I want to implement a Senior Advisory Counsel which will serve and practical and professional counsel to the city staff. I want to set up a meeting ASAP and I would like to ask Chief Hale if the services and professionalism of Cindy Healey and Linda Victor would be available to help initiate the preliminary stages of this initiative...

This Advisory Panel will help manage and help the city to be more effective in planning programs for the city & our seniors.

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