Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The $6 Million dollar "Soccer Park"...Can you say 'Red Herring'?

(Comments from a resident I was asked to post, and gladly obliged...)

What’s really going on?

What is really behind the planned $6+ million dollars to be spent on the soccer field, AKA West Sports Complex (Flamingo Road between Sterling & Griffin Roads),  Debbie Eisinger's Folly, you know the park..., the one on the far, far west side of Cooper City just south of Stirling Rd. on Flamingo Rd? 

I wonder if Southwest Ranches would like to join with us in providing a sports facility for their city. Just what every parent wants, is that their kids will have to traverse the dangerous roads and intersections at the corner of Flaming Road to get to this lavish Soccer Sports Field...Of course NOT!

Questions begin to arise when a meeting of the commission members (Workshop Scheduled May 8th 6:30 PM) is conducted in ‘secret’ (April 12, 2012). City officials quickly denied that the meeting was secret (The public was NOT notified regardless of what the city attorney opines). Strong responses from city officials proclaimed that a notice was posted on the bulletin board (inside the foyer) at city hall. The City attorney quickly jumped in with ‘legally sufficient’ applied to it and the minutes submitted (as an email from the city manager), all 24 words (in a meeting that lasted well over an hour and a half).

There were several slip ups on the veracity of the participants however...A recent blog comments to the lack of remembrance on the part of Commissioner Mallozzi (this one). City attorney syas he was not present contrary to Commissioner  Mallozzi in her published article (In the Davie & the Ranches Magazine) to the residents that the city attorney was there, Hmmm...

Commissioner Curran who, since 2008, has been designated by the city commission as being the 'Optimist Liaison', very aggressively proclaimed that he has attended some 18 meetings on the subject of  the Flamingo Soccer Park. (City personnel vigorously deny that it is a soccer park...) It is noteworthy that Commissioner Curran has never provided any commentary during commission meetings, sent any memos, discussion papers, or anything that could be construed as being informative regarding the agenda, topics, and agreements with the Cooper City Optimists regarding usage of the sports field. (Informal commentary by members of the Optimists seems to indicate that the Optimists have required that the field be designated, designed and constructed to meet the needs of the Optimists. The main purpose of which is to consolidate the fields for the convenience (ease of use) of the Optimists).

Does this raise the question...Has a deal been struck? If so with whom? What was given in return? (Let's not forget, the city attorney stated that the Optimist 'Field Use Resolution' was a valid and binding contract between the city and the Optimist club). When anyone asks for some sort of explanation, lockjaw sets in. It sounds too absurd to believe that the self declared righteousness of the Optimist Club believes that they are above reproach regarding any suggestions of political ‘quid pro quo’ regardless of somewhat dubious actions in handing

You draw your own conclusions....

(Note from Comm. Sims: As your 'Go To Commissioner' my sole concern regarding this issue is 1) Does the Optimist Club owe the City any 'Non-Resident Fees', and if so, 2) Who will be held accountable for not making that happen?

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