Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Commentary on the Cooper City Budget Regarding Meals on Wheels and the new 'Soccer Park'

In last month's Davie & the Ranches Magazine, Commissioner's Mallozzi & Curran wrote op-ed articles for regarding the expenses, budget and recreational facilities in Cooper City. Commissioner Mallozzi rightfully noted the sad and abrupt loss of the much needed Meals on Wheels program which is designed to supplement fixed income senior's and to keep them healthy and alive, allowing them to survive within their extremely limited means of doing so. 

Commissioner Curran's article boastfully commented on the city commission earmarking $1.6 million dollars for the new so-called 'Soccer Park' on the West side of Stirling Road and Flamingo Road, among other expenses not designed to do anything except make us 'look good' in his opinion. Needless to say, I found it incredibly but typically absurd that Commissioner Mallozzi would lament the City's loss of the Meals on Wheels program, supposedly for lack of funds (The City will profit to the tune of $13M this year, or more), while Commissioner Curran spreads the self aggrandized joy of a $1.6 million dollar seemingly unnecessary expenditure for a 'Soccer Park' that really is not needed in my opinion. In addition, there have been no meaningful discussions, nor are there any specific facts whatsoever to support this expenditure! 

While I find spending money for the new Soccer Park versus "sorry, we have no money for feeding hungry old folks" deplorable and unconscionable  I regard it as a symptom of a much larger disease that has infiltrated the current Cooper City commission, spending other people's money on 'feel good' items rather than absolute necessities under the guise of "We are cleaning up Cooper City so it doesn't look like West Hollywood"...

Many residents, including myself, want to know why we are spending millions of taxpayer dollars without any "due diligence" having been done regarding the absolute need for a 'Soccer Park', one which will more than likely not be able to be used by the public and their kids...just like at the 'other park' located just East on Stirling Road.

As a final comment, our City Commission has several members who speak of their religious faith and even practice it in government owned facilities, but fail to understand that Jesus' command to feed the hungry comes way before spending taxpayer dollars on seemingly unnecessary recreational facilities, especially one which has no data to support its construction.

To paraphrase a more secular source, pride tends to be at the bottom of all our mistakes. In this case, the self-aggrandizement of a Soccer Park supersedes any interest by the Commission in the Meals program...and oh yes Commissioner Curran, I disagree on one other subject…Kids + Sports does not equal success, Kids + Reading, Writing and Arithmetic makes success!

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