Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cooper City's Property Values increase 8.6%

Cooper City’s property values are expected to increase approximately 8.6% as per the Broward Property Appraiser, the highest in Broward County according to this estimate.

Real Property Values (does not include TPP or Centrally Assessed)

2011 WCC*
2012 EST
% Diff




Best regards,

Commissioner John Sims
Cooper City, FL


  1. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

    If the data below is a true reflection of the property values in Cooper City it is then reasonable to assume there should not be any increase and maybe a reduction in the amount of tax rate for the forth coming year.

    It would be more accurate to state that the increase is due to the following:

    The PA’s office recently (in appraisal terms that means the past two years) completed a reappraisal of all properties in Cooper City.

    The vast majority if not in excess of 90% of all properties (quantity )are residential homes. Estimated 70% of those are covered under SOH and the remaining portion are subject to substantial increase based upon the PA’s office evaluation.

    Increases of SOH properties is minimal and the remainder have been increase to the maximum.

    (Remember the PA’s purpose in life is to maximize the revenues stream from ad valorem taxes.)

    The dollar amount of new construction (Monterra, estimated 600(?) homes for 2011) has not been separately identified and stated. The assessed value of those properties comes online at the maximum assessable value, i.e., 600(?) co’s at $300,000 yields $180 million increase.

    Based upon the data provided I do not believe a statement of property value increase is reasonable or accurate.

    This commentary on my part I submit is not only sensible but essential as the average lay person would and could easily be led to believe that raising the Taxes on properties is not only the right thing to do but necessary for the continued preservation of the status quo of the city in order to maintain the high standard of living (for whom is left to the reader) and perpetuate the rather nebulous fa├žade of “Someplace Special”.

    Caution should be the by word for those who truly care for transparency and frugal application of the hard earned dollars of those who are still employed. (One in 5 is currently out of work and one in seven is on food stamps.)

    Walt Jolliff

  2. I agree with Walts assessment. I am pleased property values are increasing but when you compare to the other cites Cooper City is double their percentages. I wonder how many cities have a project like Monterra and if the selling price is in the same range as Monterra? Lets find out if the percentages have Monterra factored in or not. If John or Walt know please indicate. The residents can not afford an increase right now even if values have gone up and we should all bear that in mind.

    Sharon Taylor


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