Friday, August 26, 2011

Cooper City, the 'Taxing Champions' of Broward

Please see THIS story which is a link to the Sun-Sentinel article . Part of the story is missing and some of the increases are not shown on your TRIM notice recently recieved by the Broard Property Appraiser. The city commission majority is going to raise taxes, but they are also raising other fees, the fire assessment fees (25+%) again, and EMS transport fees (89%) with the collections clause intact and BSO contract costs increasing another 5% (now at 65% of the budget). City Attorney fees have skyrocketed and continue to increase without even a second on my numerous motions to discuss the issue by any other commission member, not to mention the few recent lawsuits that now plague the city that will cost us millions, and with certainty, more to come…

With a country, state, county and city who’s unemployment is 11+%, foreclosures out of control, daily job loss at an all time high, the DOW down 15+% since July, taxes and fees at all levels of government increasing exponentially, seniors continuing to be starved on a fixed income, water rates that are skyrocketing, and no new solid or plausible proposals by the commission to decrease spending and costs outside of what I have proposed to decrease spending and taxes at the July 25th and July 26th budget meetings, we need another tax, fee and assessment increase like another major disaster. Cooper City has become known as the ‘Taxing Champions’ over the last few years under the Eisinger regime, and the non-essential services spending must stop NOW!

Please attend the ‘Special Meetings’ regarding the first and second public notice of the Budget, Special Assessments and increased Fees on September 14th and September 26th at 6 PM, City Hall, and object, no demand, and say NO to unnecessary ‘feel good’ program tax rate increases in Cooper City, who is already set to increase spending on non-essential services and who is set to implement continued increased spending on other unnecessary and discretionary costs. If you don’t show up and object, out-of control spending at Cooper City Hall will continue…at least until November 2012.

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