Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cooper City Commissioner Neal de Jesus Resigns!

Just to keep everyone updated on the political events of Cooper City…if you have not heard yet, let me advise you that Commissioner de Jesus has apparently tendered his resignation effective November 2nd. Of course, I have not seen an official letter of resignation, and many rumors are flying as to the reason(s) for it. I believe that the basis for his resignation is simple, a better opportunity and future for himself and his family, which I fully admire and support. While many are speculating that there may be some ulterior motive or unscrupulous cause(s), I for one will not accept that as a valid reason.

Commissioner de Jesus and I have not always agreed on all items regarding city business, and we have agreed on some very important issues on your behalf, but I have found him to be straight forward and true in his motives for moving Cooper City in a positive direction, even on some occasions in direct conflict with the Mayor. As such, I commend Commissioner de Jesus for his contribution to our city and its shareholders, and know that he will continue to help move our city in a positive direction. I also wish him the best and Godspeed in whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue.

Because of this, and the opening of the District 3 commission seat, I am asking each and every one of you to look about and see if, in your friends and acquaintances, there exists someone that you would believe can represent you and could continue to move the city in the direction that you want for the city? Asking the question “would they be an effective leader and a true representative of the values and desires you have for our great city?”

If you can answer that question, then I urge you to speak to them now and over this holiday weekend, as the period of qualifying will unfortunately only be limited to this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, ending September 8th at noon. The reasons for this short timeframe are not totally clear, but these are the circumstances we are faced with.

Contact them today and ask them if they would be willing to represent you as a city commissioner. Naturally, they must reside in the areas of District 3, which are essentially Rock Creek, Flamingo Gardens and Country Glen. (Further description can be found on the City Website for District 3.)

Please take this communication as a call to action, so that the unscrupulous forces that are sometimes present in circumstances such as these do not win out and extinguish the desires of the residents, local businesses and taxpayers as to their wants and desires.

The place we call home, and a place that many refer to as 'Someplace Special', is in need of a true leader such as Commissioner de Jesus, not a follower, and I urge you to take action today! Don’t wait another minute. It is your city, it is your hometown and to a larger degree it is your responsibility to act.

Enjoy your weekend and have a safe holiday!

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