Friday, September 18, 2009

Cooper City Residential Burglary Alert!

Cooper City Residential Burglary Alert!
We have had an increase in residential burglaries on weekdays when homeowners are at work. Burglars pick empty driveways, knock on front doors to see if anyone is home then smash rear sliders to enter the home. Witnesses observed a dark compact vehicle and a tall, thin African-American male at two scenes. If you observe suspicious persons or vehicles in your neighborhood, please dial 911 immediately. Activate your alarm system and be extra watchful for vehicles or people that look out of place.

The more information you have the safer you can be. Registering for BSO's CyberVisor will enable you to receive e-mail or text messages from the Broward Sheriff's Office with information on criminal activity, traffic, events or other security concerns arising in your business or residential neighborhood. You may also sign up to receive important messages from Sheriff Al Lamberti or breaking news from our Media Relations staff. To get started, simply enter the required information below and choose one or more of the BSO-patrolled cities from which you would like to receive information. Once signed up you will need to confirm your e-mail address, so please keep your e-mail application open. You can register for BSO's CyberVisor HERE

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