Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Time to Set Real Priorities in Cooper City

It's time that we set real priorities for 2009 in Cooper City, particularly in response to the latest economical issues that we all face. We, the Cooper City Commission, need to be using our moral values, beliefs, vision and strategy as a guide to establish and address the priority issues for the coming year, and implement the Commission's priorities that were collectively adopted approximately seven months ago.

We, along with Staff, must immediately establish a complete and detailed set of strategic priorities, measures, goals and initiatives, along with action plans and contingencies, milestones, resources requirements, and timelines - built upon a sound end result and designed to realize our collective vision. This enactment will indeed be a successful foundation and business plan on behalf of the residents and business owners of the city.

Amongst the issues we must address are the budget, along with standard business practices such as ‘product’ development, market penetration, revenue and profit, customer satisfaction, technology implementation and product quality, intellectual capital, increased productivity, strategic relationships, new customer growth, geographic issues, employee issues, and community/area impact.

These are the issues that now face the future operation of our city government, your government, not a government beholden to a few, or those at city hall. At the end of the day what we're doing is simply our job...public service. In this process, we've got to ensure that our tax dollars are spent very wisely and only on the bare necessities. The City must tighten their belt like all of us have had to do in our private and business lives in order to succeed, without unnecessarily raising your taxes.

With many serious issues facing our city, business owners and residents alike, I sincerely hope that the City Commission transcends their clique mentality, takes a striking leadership role, and engages the whole Commission to move the city on to a more positive path. Making sound decisions in response to a problem or event is occasionally difficult to do without allowing personal agenda to intercede, but doing so is good business practice and engenders good public relations.

Indications are that the current economic climate may not improve for quite some time. Doing the things mentioned herein will help Cooper City as a community to prosper in these hard times. As Max Robespierre said "One can't expect to make an omelet without breaking eggs", similar to the fact that it takes thousands of people to make a pencil go from a forest to a desktop. As such, a little cooperation goes a long way toward success.

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