Friday, March 7, 2008

Cooper City Manager Replacement Proposal

The purpose of this communication is to provide the City Commission with my thoughts and a typical general overview of the correct process for selecting and hiring a new municipal City Manager along with standard options regarding the process of hiring the new City Manager, an estimated budget, minimal requirements, and a tentative time frame among others. Because the future success and growth of our community depends on having a great Manager, filling the shoes of our departing Manager can indeed be extremely stressful, not only for Staff but for the community at large. The following is a summary of my expectations followed by a somewhat detailed dissertation and analysis of the required process.

Due to the complexity of hiring a City Manager, many municipalities utilize the services of an Executive Search Firm (ESF) to assist Commissioners with this important process. Conversely, some municipalities have continued to utilize their in-house Human Resources staff. Utilizing in-house Human Resources staff is not recommended for Cooper City due to their relative inexperience and lack of short-range planning regarding this most important matter.

Staff should provide a short list of executive search firms who have extensive public sector experience for our reference and review. The purpose of engaging the services of a ‘Public Sector Executive Search Firm’ is to seek out and recruit experienced candidates and to assist the City in selecting only the highly qualified individuals who meet the profiles and needs of the City of Cooper City and who might not otherwise apply. Prior to the 1990s, cities, counties, and states governments approached their work with a more localized focus rather than regionally or even nationally.

Today, the climate and needs of our city, Broward County, and the State has changed to encompass a more collaborative approach with our neighboring communities and beyond. Public Sector Executive Search Firms can greatly assist the City of Cooper City in reaching the best qualified candidates for the position no matter their current location.

Public Sector Executive Search Firms specialize in searching, recruiting and placing the best qualified candidates for a specific position. The long-term and short-term needs of the city and its residents are considered as well as the culture and dynamics of the organization. Public Sector Executive Search Firms who work with clients in the public sector spend most of their time networking with city managers, assistant city managers and others who have vast expertise in the public sector and know who might be looking for a new position.

Indeed ,what Cooper City does next to replace Chris Farrell could be the second or third most important decision we have ever faced. This is no time for politics. It is a time for clear mindedness and a definite plan. Let's ensure that it happens as it needs to happen. Positive feedback is welcomed...

View the standard proposal HERE (Word.doc, 152Kb) or HERE (Adobe.pdf, 92Kb). (For the benefit of those falsely and maliciously accusing me of plagiarism, portions of this document were used with permission by the Colorado Municipal League, and its legal counsel, as it is deemed Public Domain, available for use by all and for any purpose)

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