Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Water Restrictions in Effect for Cooper City

New water restrictions are in effect since January 15th. I am in favor of water restrictions and we all must do our part to conserve water. I do everything I can to save and/or recycle water. Today while going to breakfast, I noticed that that there are too many residents that just don't care. I saw three houses that had sprinklers on today and they were city and/or county employees.

We have only one day to water our lawns. I don't think the city, county, and water management districts are making it clear that there are new restrictions. I saw it on the news, but have not heard a thing on the radio nor received a mailing about the new restrictions. Let's get serious. We do not have water to waste. Do people think that when the water runs out at our tap, we can still buy bottled water?

The water shortage is all over the country and getting worse. We ALL have to do our part to conserve our precious resource.

Click HERE for the new water use restrictions (Adobe PDF, 175kb)

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