Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Let me take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for the way my thoughts were shared and the way that this administration conducted themselves at the last commission meeting. Believe me when I tell you that all of us have heard just how poorly the last commission meeting was managed and conducted, and how poorly we all, including some residents, conducted ourselves during that meeting.

The chair showed of a lack of leadership, creating another black eye and further disgrace to our city. My sincere apology goes out, not only to everyone in this community but also to those in our surrounding communities. It was also extremely informative for me to hear the concerns of the residents regarding the matter and for those of you who took the time to contact me, thank you. Sometimes one can be on the side of truth and yet communicate that truth in a politically incorrect or lengthy manner.

Doubtless, I contributed to the situation in my desire to remain on the side of the will of the people, not the will of those in power. I did indeed make the commitment that I will listen to the residents. I have heard you, and will strenuously do my part at all times, to maintain and if necessary, force a sense of respect, order and decorum here on this dais. Personalities and bias have no place on this commission. We are here to administer, simply for the will of the people, not for our own agenda, and if none of us can practice that always, then it’s time to step down and move on.

I appreciate all of you whom have supported seeing positive change through to the end, and your commitment to stay positive for our city’s future in light of the lack of teamwork and leadership ushered by this administration. We can never forget that how we as leaders lead, sets the tone for those who follow and for whom we represent. Thank you.

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